karbon faucet online or from home depot vs. plumbing supply

Laura_PANovember 27, 2012

Is this the same exact faucet you would get from plumbing supply store? It has the same model number but I thought that some Kohler items were made differently for the big box stores. I just expected they would have different model # if that was the case. There's such a huge range of prices!

I was looking at a waterstone but I could get 2 karbons for that price, and am thinking of doing so with my stages 45. Anybody else besides laurainlincoln have 2, and do you love them/use them both? I hate the idea of putting so many holes in my granite...


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On the subject of 2 faucets in one sink...at our cleanup sink I have a Kraus faucet that has the pot washer sprayer and also the regular faucet. There is only one hole in the counter. But, there have been times that my dh is using one and I'm using the other while we are cleaning up. So, if a sink is wide enough, I can really see using 2 faucets at one time.

I've always heard that if the model numbers on the faucets are exactly the same then they are exactly the same faucet. I think when a faucet is made for the big box stores they do change the item, but so does the model number.

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I seriously doubt you need to worry about a specialized item like the Karbon. They can't possibly be selling the volume of those that would make it worthwhile to create a special cheap version.

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I have watched their cool videos multiple times, and love the Karbon. That's a great price for such a piece of awesomeness. Lucky you!

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thanks. Beekeeperswife, do you love your Kraus faucet?

I am starting to wonder if I am better off with a pair of 2 single hole faucets (maybe grohe K7 or something simple like concetto?) or with one funky single hole faucet with a sprayer such as the Kraus.

I hesitate only because I want to put an air button for disposal and soap dispenser and I think having all those things (6 holes) in the counter would too cluttered a look.

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We have no problems with the Kraus. When I first used it, I expected the stream from the sprayer to be more forceful....not sure what I was thinking...a fire hose?
Now, I can say I'm very happy with it.

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I have the Stages 45 sink with a single Delta Leland stainless faucet. I cannot see the use for 2 faucets in the Stages sink. The pull-down feature of the Leland allows me to reach all areas of the sink easily, it's especially good for cleaning the sink and rinsing the cleanser from the shallow area.

I've read more than once that the quality control on the faucets sold at the big box stores can be sketchy, as in they aren't inspected at the factory. I bought all my faucets online and have had zero problems in 18 months. The Karbon looks nice in videos, but be sure and see one in person at a Kohler showroom before you make a decision.

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