Painting Cabinets, installing granite & backsplash

Melissa-KitchenNovember 7, 2012


We are updating our 1990's oak kitchen. I am having the cabinets professionally painted, new granite and backsplash installed. What order would you do it in? I just spoke with a granite guy and he said it really doesn't matter if I paint the cabinets first or install the granite. He actually suggested installing the granite first so they don't scratch the new paint when putting in the countertops. What do you think? Obviously the backsplash would be last since our old laminate counters have to be removed first.

Also, I posted a different question in the remodelling forum about hinges for the cabinets. WOuld this be a better place to ask? I'm new to this website. I've lurked at your gorgeous after pics for years but now I am actually planning for the work so I am finally posting. So exciting!!!

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we usually recommend that the countertops go on last. otherwise people tend to use the new tops as workbenches and scratches result.

what do you think is easier to repair, scratched paint or scratched granite?

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Good point!

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Paint, counters then backsplash. You might consider leaving the newly painted lower doors/drawers off and re-install after the counters go in.

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