Cleaning black granite?

erpatchesNovember 11, 2010

I am trying different cleaners on my kitchen black granite and does anyone feel they have just the perfect one? I am just trying to eliminate smudges and prints.

Some cleaners are leaving a smear.

Thank you for any replies.

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I use a tiny bit of dishwashing suds to clean mine, more suds if it's around the cooktop and it's greasy; then I follow with a water only wet cloth; I might even wipe it down with a dry cloth to finish it off and remove all traces.

Seems like a long process but it's not, the trick is in using multiple cloths,
I have 2 dozen and throw the used ones on the washer, do a load every 2 days.

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I use a mixture of 50% water and 50% rubbing alcohol on my Impala Black granite and it works like a charm.


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I just use a wet dishcloth, I'm normally cleaning the counter after doing dishes anyway so this is easy to do. If there's a greasy spot or splatters I make sure my cloth is soapy. Then wipe dry with a microfiber cloth, that's what gets rid of the smudges and stuff. You don't need any special cleaners.

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Polished Absolute Black Premium counters here! (Love them!)

The secret is how you wipe/dry your counters...dry/wipe in a circular motion, not back-and-forth in a straight line.

Personally, I use Method's Daily Granite Cleaner with a microfiber cloth when I want my counters looking "pristine" and shiny. For everyday use, though, I just use a "soapy" dish cloth and either let it air-dry or dry w/a regular dish towel. Yes, there are sometimes streaks, but I don't care for everyday use, as long as it's clean. Oh, if you use too much detergent you will get a haze unless you rinse it, go easy on the detergent!

I do keep meaning to try the 50/50 alcohol/water mix Jodi mentioned, but I keep forgetting about it until one of these threads is started!

BTW...have you seen this thread? (It's also linked in the "Read Me" thread.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Read Me If You're New To GW Kitchens!

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Alcohol and water mixture here as well. I just started using this to clean my (black) granite (and SS appliances and sink, and the burner pans on my Wolf range--best kitchen spray ever!), and I swear our granite looks better than ever (nice shine!).

I add some lavendar essential oil to my mixture (which is somewhere between 30-50% alcohol to water). The lavendar oil, in addition to smelling nice (!), has anti-bacterial properties as well.

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I have polished black granite and second what Buehl said about Method Daily Granite cleaner and microfiber cloth. Anything else I've tried leaves streaks. I use this stuff daily after each kitchen use, if needed. But then again, I'm a self-proclaimed obsessive countertop wiper....just love it when they're shiny!!

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I have found that the cleaner isn't as important as the cloth. Usually I clean with a sponge and buff dry with the microfiber cloth. Also helps with the smudges.

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I posted in another thread that Method's Daily Granite cleaner and a microfiber cloth are what works for me every time to give my dark shiny granite a perfect shine every time.

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Oh--I use a microfiber cloth with my alcohol/water/lavendar spray (use done with previous cleaner, Perfect Kitchen, too).

Christmas Tree Shop had them in very pretty colors--@ $1 each.

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I also use 50% rubbing alcohol and 50% water in a spray bottle, and a microfibre.

It's cheaper than any cleaner you can buy, and it works beautifully.

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Thanks for everyone help and I am going to try all the suggestions. I love the black granite and I knew I could be doing it better!

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To all, I would be cautious with the alcohol, especially if it is a resin treated stone (like Black Absolute) Alcohol works great because it evaporates very quickly but long term it will break-down the resin.
Other cleaners to look out for are those that use coconut oil. I have seen lighter colored stones like Kashmir white and Shivakashi darken from oil penetration.
Method and SCI Counteriffic are at the top of my list.

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caayu--even if you wipe right after spraying? Does enough really penetrate over time to cause a problem? (not asking to be snarky, really just wondering) Would the problem only be with rein treated stone?

I tried Counteriffic when we first had our Labrador Golden Flake granite installed--didn't like it much (found it to leave the counters smeary unless they were wiped with a perfectly dry microfiber--impossible to keep it dry for each subsequent section of counter after the first section was wiped).

I do like SCI's Marbalex for washing my tile floors though (stone and porcelain).

I had been using Perfect Kitchen (from BB&B) on our coutners, and liked that a lot, but I find the alcohol and water really does the best job at leaving the granite smear-free, and shiny.

Wondering if any long-term users of alcohol-water would chime-in re: their experience; e.g. any issues with your granite from using alcohol-water? Thanks!

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PS sorry for the typos--I don't type with the correct fingering and then, too often hit send before checking what I've typed.

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Resin in AB??? I don't think my stone is resined.

Since when are the denser stones resined???

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