Michael J. Fox's kitchen

northcarolinaNovember 3, 2012

I'll link the article below. I love the floor. If that's not original then their designer is quite a visionary. I can't imagine it being put in new today.

Here is a link that might be useful: Arch. Digest: MJ Fox and Tracy Pollan's apartment

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A beautiful redo. I looked at the slide show. I love the lightness and the subtle touches of color. The blue lamps are wonderful. I also like the carpets .

The tile work in the kitchen is certainly gorgeous. It sounds like the redo only involved furnishings and paint for the rest of the place so I bet this is the original...it certainly looks like what is in my DB's bldg. in Manhattan. c

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Molly Phillips

I am *swooning* (isn't that what they said during that time period or am I off?!)

Regardless, I would LOVE a kitchen, bathroom....any room like that in my house with that type of character. Alas, my 2005-built house in the Smoky Mountains isn't really designed for that era but oh, a girl can dream....

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Lovely! We did a lot of retro b&w tile in our last house, and it never goes out of style. The first people who looked at it bought it and the tile was one of the selling features.

Did you catch the large pendant over their dining room table? It's wonderfully unique and I bet it cost a pretty penny.

Here is a link that might be useful: dining room

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Mariette Himes Gomez is a favorite designer of mine.

In my next life, the one in which I am a multi-gazillionaire, she will be my choice to design all my homes, from the Park Avenue pre-war townhouse to the Caribbean beach compound to the Colorado ski resort estate!

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thanks for the link! I always enjoy seeing pics of celebrities' homes --i think more than celeb's photos, lol!). I followed other links on the AD site to see will smith, ellen degeneres and jen aniston's houses too. so much eye candy!

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I think this is their 1997ish kitchen, is when they first renovated the apartment. The apartment was featured in Arch. Digest then.

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Great kitchen. I feel pretty sure that is a new floor -- you can get that tile from Restoration Tile and many other places.

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