Thoughts on granite selection

rocks911November 1, 2012

So were about to have granite installed and I was wanting to get peoples impressions about the granite selection. We chose dark grey Brazilian Cappuccino with a considerable amount of movement. My wife is a bigger fan than I am of the granite, particularly the movement aspect, but I think it also works with our slate kitchen floor.

Does anybody have this granite installed in their homes?

Does granite with a lot of movement affect home resale? I mostly see pics of pretty uniform granite in most installations and I wonder about the potential downside of a crazy looking granite; thoughts?

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And heres a pic of one of the slabs:

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And the other:

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I just wanted to say we are building a house and in our previous home we looked for granite with lots of movement, we feel it has a richer look to it. My partner is a realestate agent and he says that granite with lots of movement is more appealing to most as plain is pretty standard and the movement tends to have more of a marble look and is a little more upscale looking. But it all comes down to personal opinion as many things do.

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I have the opposite opinion of degcds... perhaps because I don't like movement in my granite. ;)

With a granite like you picked out, I would think potential buyers will have a stronger opinion of it, one way or the other since the granite has movement (it calls attention to itself.) It will be the piece that stands out in a kitchen.

By contrast, a more neutral/less movement granite can be worked around easily. It won't stand out as much and likely won't cause as extreme of a reaction either way.

Regarding granite choices, in general, I'd think the most common, least expensive granites will be the biggest turnoffs to potential buyers of the future. Just my opinion, but I feel people tire of the same thing.

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I think that granite will look fantastic with your cabinets. I agree with degcds that the common granites will have less appeal for buyers UNLESS it enhances the room, and some of them really do.

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People will have a stronger opinion about a granite with more movement but to a certain extent you can't predict the taste of a potential future buyer. They don't even exist yet.

I agree that people may also be bored by entry level granites they see over and over. But a lot of people will also just want granite for its durability and not be all that particular, within reason, about what it looks like.

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I like movement in granite, BUT only in the right colors. Your slabs are still pretty neutral and would go with most things. I can appreciate the look of the very crazy blue granite (VanGogh?) but could not have it in the house on a large kitchen counter. I think most people are not into blue counters. You'll be fine if the counters are neutral colors and complement the other elements in the kitchen.

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Yes, Van Gogh is that very crazy one! I felt the same and only have it on a fairly small island and the backsplash to the range. Already trying to figure out if I can take the island slab with me if I have to move! Then I could show it to people with the leathered Cambrian Black that is everywhere else.

I don't think potential buyers would appreciate it!

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Our granite has very similar colors to yours, and is also from Brazil. It was called Copper Gold, but I think that is what the granite yard named it. We love it and when people are in our kitchen, they always comment on how much they like it.

As for resale, I don't know if future buyers will like it, but we're selling our house in the spring, so I guess we'll find out! Our granite is the one thing that I will be sad to leave in this house.

I really like your slabs and I hope you'll post pictures once it's in!

Here are a couple pictures of ours:

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Thanks for the reply.
Wow, I love your granite! It appears more uniform than what we have selected. Maybe I'm over thinking this though, I often do that.
What edge is that?
My daughter is a Baylor Bear and now teaches in Waco, go Bears!

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Hi Rocks,

I think that your granite is going to look great, but I love lots of movement/veins in granite!

We have a bevel edge. The fabricator also did a laminated edge, so it looks much thicker than it really is (looks 5 cm thick, but is really only 2.5 cm thick granite). He did a great job of matching the veins so they continue on to the laminated piece.

Good for your daughter! I hope that she is enjoying teaching! It's always nice to "meet" other Baylor families! I graduated with a degree in elementary education and almost took a teaching job at Mountain View Elementary in Waco. I really enjoyed my time at Baylor and think that Waco is a great town!

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I'd say it depends on how long you're planning to stay in your house.
As a buyer, I'd personally prefer Silestone or Ceasarestone in a less wild pattern (more the direction of limestone or small pattern).

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Also, with respect to the backsplash: Will it stay or are you redoing it?

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We chose rainforest green, a serpentine marble, with lots of movement. We are not selling for a very long time I hope, but my theory is, if the counter is a deal breaker, reduce the price a tiny bit. I don't think anyone is going to walk away from a great house because of something fixable like a counter, so get what you like. I love your 2 slabs.

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One thing I would consider is whether the granite is appropriate for the age and style of the cabinets and backsplash. Some granites can be an over-improvement and will make the rest of the kitchen show its years as a result.

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To: " baylorbear"

you edges are significantly lighter than the tops. tell your fabricator to come back and treat them with "ager" so they match the top. (they should have done this in the fab shop) it should't look like yours do in the pics.

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I think that people will love it! Gorgeous! Has lots of character and is not blah.

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