Double bowl sink with a low center divide?

Melissa-KitchenNovember 22, 2012

I am replacing our countertops with granite as well as our current double sink. One of the options that I have available to me is a double sink that has a low center divide. I was told it is about half the height of the sink, so 4 1/2 inches. The benefit would be that I could lay a large roasting pan or cookie sheet across the two bowls of the sink but only having 4 1/2 inches depth before I overflow into the other side concerns me a little.

Does anyone have a similar sink? Do you like it, dislike it? I am a big baker but my present 50/50 sink is fine for washing cookie pans. I just wash one half and then flip for the second half. My only complaint is that I can't soak a large roasting pan in it.

I'll have to admit that I can't go with a single sink or a double with the tiny side bowl because I let my dishes drip dry in the other half of the sink. I don't want to have to dry them immediately or have something on the counter. I have young boys and after dinner cleanup is a crazy time around here. I do have a dishwasher so I'll only be using the sink for pots & pans.

Thanks in advance for any comments regarding the low divide sinks. I have had sick kids for 2 weeks and I am trapped in the house so I haven't been able to go play with the sinks in person.

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Although I am deeply attached to my Kohler 70/30 Lakefield, I saw a lot to like in those low divide sinks when I was looking. But I rarely run a sink of water and wash dishes by hand. Still, 4 1/2 inches in that big bowl would be a lot of water.

I don't know if it helps you, or if you are set on stainless, but the Kohler's cast iron Carrizo is a really unusual sink with a sort of elevated drying deck. IIRC, the right side was roasting-pan sufficient. I liked it a lot. Link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohler Carrizo

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I have the Silgranite Blanco Performa Medium 1-3/4 sink. The overall sink measures 33x19 and fits in a 36 inch cabinet. The divide is 6 inches tall from the bottom of the sink so it would hold more water than the one you have looked at. I don't have a prep sink so I like having the 3/4 side for prepping. I find the larger size more than adequate for my large size pots and pans. Actually many of my pots and colanders etc fit in the smaller side too. I cookie sheet does not lay flat in the larger side but I don't care about that.
As many others have attested to on here the Silgranite sinks are great.
I have posted this picture many times already but in case you missed it here it is once again.

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modern life interiors


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Thanks for the sink feedback. I had to make a decision today so I decided to go for a different model with the full divide. I measured my large dishes and pots and it's only one huge roasting pan that won't fit in the one that I selected. Since I only use that pan for turkey twice a year, I'll be fine. Either way, it's a big step up from my current sink.

Thank you very much for the picture and the link. Unfortunately, I have a 33 inch cabinet so I had to choose a smaller sink. It's still pretty big though... MizLizzie, I never thought about how much water I'll be using. I guess I can just use the smaller side for dishes if I am only doing a few.

Okay, one more decision made. :) 5 down, who knows how many more to go but I'm sure that I will be back here again for feedback.

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Melissa - what is the name of the sink you posted above? I am also looking for a double bowl w/low divide. I do not like the Kohler version because it has straight corners. Not sure I want two equal bowls, would like one to be larger.

I like the Silgranite 1-3/4 but not sure if I want a colored sink or stainless.

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Momand3boys, it looks like it says "Bristol Sinks" on that picture Melissa posted...googling it myself, as I'm also interested in a low divide sink, preferably 60/40...

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