Bosch wall oven next to KA fridge?

aimskitchenNovember 30, 2012

I've been planning to buy a certain 33" KA fridge because it works best for our space configuration, and 6" away in the galley, I've planned Bosch 500 double wall ovens. (Cabinetry is ordered so that won't change.) An appliance person told me yesterday that these two won't look good together. I'd ruled out KA ovens due to things I've read about them, and the only other fridge I've found for the space is a GE; not sure about GE ovens but haven't read overwhelmingly positive things about those, with the exception of the Profile.

So tell me, from a cosmetic perspective, would I be sorry having the KA fridge and Bosch ovens near each other? I know the consensus here is that things don't have to match, but with these so close, do I need to rethink this? Thanks!

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Have you seen the 2 of them together - do YOU think they look ok? That's all that really matters, not what some sales person thinks. And you're right - features over form. KA makes much better fridges than GE.

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Bosch 500 ovens

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Guessing on your KA fridge, but they all, save the pro line, have these handles.

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IMHO, they look fine next to each other. I'd go for function of each appliance over matching them any day. Here's my built-in KA fride next to my Wolf L ovens. I think they look fine next to each other. I love, love both appliances. I couldn't imagine using KA ovens instead of my wonderful floor model Wolfs. Similarly, a built-in SZ, with handles resembling the ones on Wolf ovens, was far out of my budget. So I mixed the two brands and am happy I did.

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I was so worried at one point that my appliances would not match: Samsung fridge, Kenmore Elite ovens and KA DW. Forgot about my worry when the kitchen was all put together and haven't thought about it once (until now). Not sure why I ever worried. :)

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We have a KitchenAid SxS fridge, right next to Electrolux ovens. Due to our layout, we didn't have too many options. Both appliances work well for us and we think they look just fine! Good luck with your decision.


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We have Bosch ovens and a KA fridge. They are not next to each other, but they look fine together. It never occurred to me to match appliances.

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