Granite for Vanities - Yes, I know I'm in the Kitchen Forum!

kelvarNovember 6, 2012

This forum has been invaluable to me when I remodeled my kitchen. We're now doing a remodel of two small bathrooms for our kids. Yes, I know we have a Bathroom Forum here, but it is this forum that KNOWS the world of granites inside and out.

I need your help.

We're buying two vanities (36" and 78") for two smallish bathrooms in an expresso color. The vanities come with a thin marble top, but I can't live with the etching that comes with marble, so I want to change to a granite.

I would prefer to have them both have the same top for consistency. I've looked at remnants, but it's hard to find a remnant that would fit both vanities.

These are for bathrooms with teenagers - who have tons of products and aren't going to handle the vanities with kid gloves like I might. I can't live with a stone that won't be bullet proof and see it etch and stain. Even though they make sealers that are 15year, I'm afraid.

I've looked at Super White (LOVE it, drooled over it, but this forum is scaring me from it), Sage Green (very pricey), Bianco Antiqua (sp), etc. These are SMALL secondary bathrooms. My daughter's bathroom is only 5x7. So less is more - I know I should stay away from the busy granites, but I want pizazz.

Suggestions for tough as nails granites I should be looking at? Are all the white granites prone to etching? I can tailor the tiling to the granite...I'm not locked in although I'm leaning toward white subways with a feature strip of mini subways in a marble/gray/white/smoky gray tone.

Thank you for your help and advice.

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If you live in a major metro area you'll have a lot of fabricators to pick from and should be able to find remnants that work.

most granites, properly sealed, are more than durable enough for a vanity (even a kids vanity). you are right about avoiding marble.

I'd recommend calling around to find a few fabricators that have an ample remnant supply; then go pick something you like. If you can measure and install it yourself you'll typically save at least several hundred dollars.

my 2 cents.

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you might want to look at prefab counters for the smaller vanities. I am probably going to go with prefab for my smaller bath vanities just 'cause it costs quite a bit for fabrication where I am and prefab counters are readily available with a large selection. For one bath, i got a 30 inch porcelain top which is all white and would be easy to go with the other elements.
Good luck!!

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I think the big box stores have pre-fab granite counters. My brother bought some nice looking vanities with granite tops at home depot, but they were mostly black - nothing exciting.

I want to know what you're going to do with those marble tops?? :)

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Hello.......I am a granite fabricator. Your best bet is to use a fabricator who has remnants. You can use Super White or Supreme White in your bathrooms. Stay away from Quartzites, they have marble tendencies.

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Have you looked at Corian? I have it in two bathrooms. Mine and my daughter's. Teen age years through young adulthood. Make up, hairspray, perfume and creams were flying! Wipe it down, done!

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We are doing a reno on our Master bath. Our vanity there is 72 inches and it is hard to find a granite top that size. I have been to every granite yard around here and found my dream top Super White or white fantasy. Then I fell in love with 2 other pieces big enough for my other 2 bathrooms. One 48 inches and one 36 inches. They are Bianco Antica and Minsk green. That looks like BA only with a grey green tone. So sounds like we have the same taste. I wanted to fo with different granites.I want each bathroom to be unique. Most of the remnants I saw were the everyday ones you see all the time. There were never any of the exotics, so I was so excited when I came across there.

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donttakeitforgranite - You said to use Super White but isn't Super White a quartzite and you said to stay away from those? I thought quartzites don't have marble tendencies. They only act like marble if they're not a true quartzite. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. Looking at past threads and I've seen a mixed bag of Super White being ok and some not being ok (etched).

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