Faucet choice and price differences

mary_md7November 15, 2013

The Delta Savile pull-down faucet I'm interested in shows as $346.75 on the Delta website and $199 on the Lowe's website. Quite a difference!

I have heard that the models sold in home stores are sometimes different from those sold in higher end suppliers. Does this mean that the model at Lowe's has some cheap plastic innards or something? Yet the model number is exactly the same.

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What is shown on any manufacturer's website is the suggested retail price that no one ever pays. Everyone discounts from that to arrive at the price that they sell it for. Shipping, quantity purchased, and other deals come into how much any seller pays wholesale, and their margins come into effect for the price that the consumer pays retail. A large seller like a box store can buy in the thousands and thus get a lower price on the front end. Then they also can operate at a lower margin because they have the higher volume. If the product numbers are exactly the same, that's how they can do it. If they are one digit off, then it may be a specialty model for them, much like Kenmore is a specialty model for Sears by Whirlpool.

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