Granite to be installed today...but full of doubt...

BerlinGirlNovember 21, 2012

Did I order the right drawer fronts? Did I order the right color granite? I am sick over my drawer handles. I special ordered them, had to have them, paid a crazy amount of money for them and now don't know if they will work. They are all handles, not a pull. I don't know if I should put them or if they will even work anymore.

I don't have a fridge picked out. Had one, cancelled it. Now have a hole in my cabinets for a "certain" size. I told DH I will use the same OLD fridge, he is about "done" with me. Seriously, "done", I think I have put him over the edge. I've missed work and am obsessed...

Thoughts? I am happy with the cabinets overall..

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yes, you ordered the right drawer fronts
what color of granite did you choose? do you have a picture?
do you have a picture of the handles you chose for the cabinets?
what size opening is spec'ed for your fridge?

Don't worry yourself sick over these things, it will all work out sweet one. Give hubby a break for maybe a day or two so he can recover. Do something nice for him and thank him for putting up with your worries through all of this. He'll appreciate that you are aware of his frustrations with your current doubts. Hopefully he really isn't "seriously done" with you!!! He may just need some attention and reassurance that you will be back to being yourself soon and this is all just going to be a memory.

Your cabinets are beautiful and even if you still have doubts after it is all in it's amazing what can be done with the final touches that bring it all together, the window treatments, accessories, paint. You'll be fine, I promise. It's going to be beautiful! Just don't lose yourself in the process!!! Sounds like you are making yourself sick to the point of missing work and it's just not worth that, take care and remember Rome wasn't built in a day! I've been trying to find the right fabric for my master bed/bath for two years, lol. It has taken a back seat to more pressing matters at hand but has given me time to discard several things that I thought were "the one". Glad I waited!

I do want you to know I completely understand because it is a lot of money and it can't be changed easily even if we had a money tree in the back yard which no one does. That is where the pressure comes in to get it right and it really can make you a little crazy with worry because most of us don't get to do this but once or if we move so I do understand how you feel. But at some point you will start to love it because it is your's and it's your house and it's home : )

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Take some deep breaths, turn on some relaxing music, sit back and enjoy your new kitchen coming to life. It s going to be beautiful!

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I love your cabinets and your slab-front drawers. I have the same style (except painted). What's the difference between a pull and a handle?

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lov_mkitchenIOWA zone 6b

One question. Is it better than what you had?

Sub catagory question. Will you EVER change anything including the paint on the wall?

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Your cabinets are beautiful. It will be fine. Go find a fridge that fits. Wait till the granite comes. It is so exciting and it pulls it all together. My DH phoned me at work when the granite arrived earlier than we expected and I left work. My boss understood. Here are my handles, no pulls and we mounted all horizontally. Try to stop and enjoy this time. It was lots of money and it should bring you pleasure.

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Pulls = knobs?

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There are no "right" drawer fronts, there are drawer fronts that you like. I like the ones you chose, do you? There are other drawer fronts I like too, but when I chose, I chose slab fronts for the shallower drawers and shaped ones for the deeper, while sixtyohno went with all slab fronts. Either way is just fine. I'd love to see the drawer hardware you chose-bet it's way cool.

Refrigerator - I think you're suffering from OCD kitchen overload ;). Yes, you have a gap of a certain size that needs to be filled, but in the end so does everybody. Ours was 33", so we needed a fridge that was max 32-7/8". Turns out there are a lot of choices in that size. You'll find the same. One thing that might help you think about what you want is Thanksgiving. For me, this means that I need a space large enough to hold a 21 pound turkey overnight. This dictates some aspects of the refrigerator you choose, as do Costco pizza boxes and gallon water jugs. Here's ours from last Thanksgiving to give you some inspiration (the brown bag is the turkey and the yellow bowl is the stuffing):

Your kitchen is looking *so* pretty. I love the color variation in your wood. Be sure to take a picture when the granite comes so we can see!

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Your cabinets are beautiful! What is the wood? They are sooo pretty.

I also understand where you are at with the whole thing and we haven't even started gutting our kitchen yet! I never thought 6 stinkin' inches of cabinets could be such a brain drain. haha.

Hang in there, it's looking really nice. I'm excited for you!

Hey, maybe you should stand naked in the empty refrigerator spot holding a turkey leg and DH will forgive you... Sorry, just a thought!

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Pulls does not = knobs. The photo above is of pulls. I don't know what berlingirl meant by handles.

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I stand corrected. My photo is of pulls. I meant to say all pulls, no knobs. Handles are on appliances, I think.

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All pulls for us.
I remember going through this also

Hopefully badger will chime in. She was so reassuring I wanted to change to different pulls but badger knocked sense back into me.

Beautiful wood!

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Oh goodness, you are under lots of Stress!!!!!

Kitchen renovations = Intense Stress.

You are going to have the most magnificent space. Pat
yourself on the back for getting this far. It is totally
normal to worry, second guess, doubt, have sleepless
nights, argue with loved ones, loose your cool, over think
it all... and yes feel like you have had it with your
partner. He is going to come around. Give him a hug when
the moment is right and tell him that you know this
is all crazy but that in time all is going to be normal

Remind him that Kitchen renovations are not every year.

And yes your space looks GORGEOUS!

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Badgergal...thanks so much, I love looking at your kitchen!!

Linelle, thank you...This picture is of the handles, not the cabinets I ordered. These were special ordered from Diamond. I just loved them.

Lov comparison, 1986 just disappeared and 2012 is what we have now!

sixtyohno...your kitchen cabinets and granite are amazing...

suzannesl- yes, love my cabinets . I have been obsessing lately I know. What did you get for a fridge?? I still have no idea what I'll get. Your is huge!

deedles...natural cherry...LOL, naked, at this point he would rather see just a turkey leg...

a2gemni...thanks, an eight year dream...

boxerpups, thank you, yes, it will be magnificent. it took us so many years to get here! He beyond understands. It has been a long road, we work, kids, and had to stop to make this happen...our old cabinets were falling apart on a regular basis, we have come so far.

This is a picture of the handles I took at a "big box" store...

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My kitchen granite --- dark green costa smeralda...

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and my 1/2 half bath granite..Labradorite Blue Australe Granite...

I am beyond happy with both choices...

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Woo hoo! That looks awesome! I hope your are not doubtful anymore. Also love the cabinet hardware that you picked out. Everything is coming together so nicely. It will be a functioning kitchen before you know it. Hang in there and post more pictures when it's finished

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Not to hijack, but sixtyohno what are you pulls?

Berlingirl-your kitchen (and granite) is beautiful.

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Very, very nice! See? it's all coming together very well!

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I officially love your new granite! What a perfect choice to complement your cabinets. That little bit behind the sink and the window sill is very clever! Not sure I've seen that before. BTW, the backsplash in the Lowe's photo would actually work well in your kitchen. That may be the first time I've ever said that.

Our fridge is a Whirlpool Gold. We really tried to make a french door fridge work, but it just didn't. There wasn't enough depth in the Good luck on the search, and looking forward to seeing more photos.

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Berlin girl, I love your choices. Dark green is one of the great colors to use with natural cherry. We saw a sample of Costa Esmerelda that was like yours but couldn't find slabs like it. All the green slabs we found at the time were too grey, or had yellow/gold areas that we didn't want or were more toward avocado.

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Those are fantastic stone selections for both locations, nice work! I think your kitchen granite might be one of my favorites I've seen here yet. I particularly like how the stone runs up behind the sink and joins the windowsill of the same material - stylish and functional!

Glad to hear that things are on track and that you're happy with your choices so far. I'm looking forward to more photos down the road.

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You made a beautiful choice. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It all looks great, and I think your pulls are a great choice. Trouble is, there are so many and it is easy to second guess yourself. You picked what you did for a reason -- or two or three, and chances are you are still going to be happy with those reasons.

There is a slight panic that is common before drilling holes in the doors, so take a minute and check them (tape up a couple, hold them for the spouse to take a look -- get comfortable with them and don't look back. If it is the cost that you are having doubts about -- yes, you can almost always buy something cheaper, but this is a functional aspect of your kitchen and a finishing touch as far as the aesthetics go. They also take a surprising amount of wear and you will wind up replacing cheap hardware and find yourself limited by the hole placement from the first set, so skimping causes more delayed stress and expense. There is a value in quality. There is a value in your satisfaction with the look and feel of the finished product. Some things cost more than you would have expected, but if you have not put yourself in a financial tangle over it, know it is for the long haul and enjoy both the beautiful wood of the cabinets and the "jewelry" impact of the hardware.

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