Install a wall control panel for vent hood for range

IowacommuteNovember 8, 2012

Good morning everyone, I have been smitten with a 36" DCS LP range since I saw it at a giant appliance store. It is one they do demos on so of course they had a big DCS vent hood (super hot halogens) set up too.

Well I don't want to sound like a total idiot, but I couldn't keep my eyes off of the range so I sort of reached up to touch the controls, and I burnt my fingers on the lights.

Here is my real dilemma (besides needing to pay attention more) I am only 4'11 and am the only cook ever in this household. It was a big reach for me to get to those controls. Now I didn't measure to see how tall it was from the range (it looked a little tall but really everything does). My 6' husband went up to it, and it looked about right for him.

My question: can you wire up the vent hood to have a wall control panel (like a regular light switch plate?)

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Yes you can wire it to a wall switch but many range hoods come with a remote now. My new zephyr monsoon DCBL has a remote.
It looks really well made and nice fit and finish but its not installed yet so no report on function yet.

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I think the answer to that question would vary by model. What a wall switch would do is to cut off and resupply power tot eh fan. Mine has electronic controls, and I am pretty sure that the lights would not default to "on" when I re-supplied power to it, even if it was set to "on" before cutting the power. Other models would have simpler controls, so your scheme would work with them.

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It is possible but it may void the warranty. Your electrician will have to connect it to a wall switch and depending on whether it is a 3 step motor or a variable speed motor, it may vary. I am short and I am concerned about this too. Unfortunately, I was unable to find any hood manufacturer with LED lights..

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Hmmm thanks for the answers. I think I'll start contacting manufactures to see what they say. Although the one ppbenn has could be good.

I'll post back what I found lalitha. Hopefully I can fond something helpful.

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yes, they actually sell vent hood wall switches, depending on the manufacturer. you just need to make sure your model is compatible. for example, my vent fan is made by fantech. and they told me i could wire it to one of their wall switches, linked below. though i think you would need to wire your lights onto another switch and the fan on another, but usually they are wired separately anyway, so this won't be too difficult for an electrician to do. the concept is similar to those in-wall ceiling fan switches.

Here is a link that might be useful: vent fan wall switch

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