Can this Inspiration sketch work in my kitchen?

autumn.4November 4, 2013

Hi all. Could you take a look and tell me what you think?

Note: the corner I am still debating between keeping a super susan or blocking off the dead space and just having drawers. I realize that may effect my goal of symmetry on this wall. Susan's take up a foot on either side of the corner right?

I am trying to achieve:

Where it says pantry I have a corner - where it says dining room it's our mudroom entrance.

My kitchen dimensions (this is from the designer - the DW is actually on the other side of the sink, he drew it as a place holder only):

Rough sketch from KD thus far (changes have been made but roughly this is how it's laying out):

Can I do it on a smaller scale and still have it functional?
My wall dimension is 9'3". The housplan shows a wall on the otherside of the fridge but we are opting for a fridge end panel which should give us a couple more inches. MW width is 21.75".

1) Would you have the MW cabinet 18" depth centered between 2 standard depth uppers � so it would stick out farther over the counter top over 24" base cabinets? Is that not enough clearance? I don�t see this space as being a prep area at all. Maybe landing or staging for food removed from MW and fridge. This is the easiest solution but is it the best one?

I am planning on prep at the island or the right of the stove in front of the window. I know the island space isn't spacious but I can't make it any bigger. It is what it is.

Does anyone have an 18" upper over 24" lowers that they could share a picture of?

2) Or would you have the MW cabinet 18" depth recessed into the wall to keep them all flush? Behind that wall is the pantry so the space is available.

How difficult is it to recess just one lone cabinet?

I need to decide how this wall needs to be framed and I don�t know enough about framing to make a good decision! I suppose I could ask the framer��but I�d like to sound somewhat intelligent about it before doing so.

Thanks in advance for taking a stab at it.


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Annie Deighnaugh

I'm a function over form person and would keep the super susan as they are so functional, even if it meant I'd have to sacrifice the symmetry in the cabinetry next to the fridge.

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Thanks Annie, I appreciate that. What do you think about the 18" depth cabinet dilemma?

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Sophie Wheeler

You're trying to force a symmetrical focal point on a wall that isn't built to handle it. Focus on function on that wall, and if you've got to have a focal point, the range wall should provide that. I'd skip doing a to the counter cabinet on that range wall and just focus on symmetry in the uppers.

Then maybe put in an inexpensive china hutch to the left from Craig's List to handle the needed dish storage. Paint it up in a color, and you've saved thousands.

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Okay okay holly - time to let go of the dream. ;)

I do want function I really do - but I like symmetry too and I guess it's just not going to happen!

I don't think the cab down to the counter is costing me that much - it's a 'standard' cupboard. I was hoping to store ALL everyday dishes and glasses in there right across from the dishwasher - that's why I chose it. I saw it as a major function aspect.

However - I realize that it also kills my symmetry on that wall as well. I was trying to get it on at least one wall but maybe it doesn't matter.

I guess my focal point could be the windows and not so much the cabinets surrounding.

Any advice on the MW besides putting in in a base cab?

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Why not? I'd recess the microwave and have shallow cabinets on the pantry side...for canned goods. The balanced cabinet you drew is lovely and I don't understand why it won't work?

Couldn't you have one of those swing out doors on the range side, to access that back corner, for extra storage, rather than the lazy susan? I've seen those on the forum several times.

I'd be tempted to slide the range wall/window area towards the fridge just a bit, so you'd have fewer uppers on the right side of the windows and a larger upper/hutch storage on the left. You could have a cabinet next to the corner access, for bulky pots and then two sets of drawers to the left of the range.

Since you should definitely (LOL) put the stools on two sides of the island, I think it might look better anyway, if the range was over just a bit...and you would have the hutch storage you really want :)

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