Please show me your basket liners and labels

oldbat2beNovember 29, 2012

In an attempt to organize my mudroom, I purchased lots of baskets (from the Currently, I have useful things like grout and painting supplies tucked in them. I've put the non-skid felt adhesive pieces on the bottoms of these (as one would do for furniture), so the baskets don't scrape the cabinet shelves too much.

I'd like label these and possibly line them as well and would love to see what you have done for labels and liners. Casaloma suggested Pottery Barn's Sabrina labels, which may be an option.


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Nice baskets! I bet you'll like them. : ) I wrote labels on some of my neglected card stock, laminated them, and then stitched them to the baskets. I haven't tackled liners, but that would be nice.

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I only have 3 baskets in my kitchen. I bought colorful towels and used them to create a liner.

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