QUICK: 3" or 4" Pulls

peridot44November 20, 2012

I've selected my knobs and pulls. I ordered samples and like what I got.

However, I only ordered a 3" sample of the pull. Cabinet guy said this was a more regular size that can be easily changed later.

But, my old kitchen had 4" pulls. They felt fine and held a dish towel nicely.

I'm tempted to disregard the cabinet guy's advice and go with 4".

Any thoughts? I'm hoping to order today so they arrive for installation on the 29th/30th.

Here's the pull: http://www.atgstores.com/cabinet-pulls/top-knobs-m12-charlotte-pull_7382860.html

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peridot44 - I went with 4". Yes 3" are more readily available but many manufacturers make 4" if you ever want to change out. 3" were too small for DH and even too small for me. Glad I did 4"!!

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If you know you like 4", do 4". :)

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I like the 4 inch better also. sometimes the 3 inch can just seem to small in appearance and and function.

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I don't like 3". I can only fit a few fingers in the handle. 4" feels much more comfy. And, I agree with gardenamy -- there is no dearth of 4" handles on the market.

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Pulls come in so many sizes these days. The days of standard 3" are gone. Like others have said, I also found 3" much too tiny to grab easily. Not very comfortable when I'm busy cooking.

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I went with 5 and KD has suggested 3's - just too small! Some have even longer pulls.
I agree - I could barely get my pinky in the 3 inch pulls!

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Basically, what everyone else has said: make sure the person with the biggest hands in your household can easily fit all their fingers into the pull.

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