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schoolhouse_gwNovember 15, 2013

Looked around for a long time for a smallish bookcase or similar that would fit in the kitchen. I finally found this by chance at Pat Catans, a wooden magazine storage box, unfinished wood, for $4. Even tho I dont' like too much sitting on my countertops(I have one!), I think it will sit here ok. All I needed was someplace for several favorite cookbooks, I have a whole bunch of others but really don't use them all that much.

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That looks great! What color/type of paint did you use?

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The paint color is "A Touch of Cream", a True Value paint brand called "EzCare". I used it on the beadboard walls of the kitchen and some cupboards. That was in 2011, and yes I still had some leftover in a can in the basement - still good enough to do this box. lol Two coats plus a coat of primer.

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Hey, what a good idea! It looks great and is super functional, too.

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Fori is not pleased

I wouldn't have even thought of that for a smallish bookcase substitute but it works really well to contain a few books in a small space. It has the added bonus of protecting the cookbooks from spills, not that that ever happens!

I have clutter issues and I love putting things in containers.

I confess, I might just MIGHT be tempted to put a knob on the finger pull. Is that weird?

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A knob of some sort is a great idea, fori. I was thinking what to do, first thought was a sticker, stencil, or piece of scrap (picture) but I don't like "cutesy" too much. Your idea is much better. Wooden? glass? ceramic? Hmmmm.

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Fori is not pleased

Something with a backplate so you don't have to fill any of the hole, of course!

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What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

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When I showed my friend my book holder, she told me that on that Pinterest (sp?) site people were making corner shelves out of the wooden magazine storage units/boxes, laying them on their sides and hanging them that way I think she said. Wonder what that would look like.

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Just a suggestion....

if you used latex paint, I would remove the books as soon as possible and let the paint cure for 1 - 2 weeks.

Books set too-early on latex-painted shelves can wind up stuck to the paint. Since you have contact on both the bottom edges and the sides of the books, you may have issues with the off-gasing chemicals affecting the covers as well.

You little rack is very cute and useful, but if those are your fave cookbooks, better safe than sorry!


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Great idea! I may have to 'steal' that idea. Thanks for sharing

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No sticking, no paint rub-offs, seems fine. EzCare paint is one of my favorites. Yes it may take two coats for most projects but the durability and ease of cleaning is very good. "Off-gasing chemicals"? yikes. I never heard of that but I'll keep an eye on the book covers. Thanks for the heads up.

fori, last night I was thinking it would be fun to find a small sculpted animal head or other to glue over that hole, something vintage perhaps; but I also kind of like the look of simplicity it has too.

Thanks Mags438.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Great project--a little mouse peeking out of the hole would be so cute. Instead, I'd be tempted to add some 1930's-style decals, but that would definitely be heading into kitschy territory. ;)

Here is a link that might be useful: vintage kitchen decals on ebay

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