Single or dbl oven electric range?

MaccoNovember 6, 2012

I'm considering getting an electric range with a double oven vs. a single oven. I live alone and don't do a lot of complicated cooking. I thought it might be a good idea to get the double oven because much of what I would do could be done in the smaller portion of the oven.

Any opinion on this would be appreciated.


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I cannot speak for the current generation of double-oven ranges, but at our previous house, we had a GE electric range with double ovens. They were side-by-side, one narrow and one wide. I loved it! I used the small oven a lot, when an item was too large for the toaster oven and not large enough to warrant using the big oven. It came in handy when we had company and had to cook things on two different temperatures, or guests brought covered dishes that needed heating. That was before the days of microwaves (ack! I am a dinosaur!).

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I don't have one but considered it. I looked at them at Lowes recently and opened the lower oven door. Wow, that is really low. I totally changed my mind. The smaller upper seems great but that low one is really too low for me considering that it would be used for large turkeys and such.

Check them out for yourself.

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I love double oven ranges and just put one in this new house. The bottom oven is low but you do get used to it and you only cook large things a few times a year.

I would suggest getting one that has adjustable racks in the upper oven and an easy slide rack in the bottom oven. My first double oven range(maytag) had the special rack but I�m pretty sure others have it as well. It has the rack on ball bearings so it will slide out about half way with just a slight touch, really makes a difference in getting things in and out.

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I installed the GE Profile single/double wall oven with an induction cooktop in the counter directly above the oven during our recent remodel. The single unit has a smaller oven on top and a larger oven under it. I like having the small oven on top for it's size and easy access. Because the ovens are smaller the doors, of course, are not as tall and therefore getting things in and out of the ovens is easier. However, there are some things I don't like. The top oven is very close to the upper electric coil and we must be careful when pulling on the rack not to burn ourselves when reaching in. Also, the bottom oven is lower so there is more bending and the bottom coil is not covered. Although the bending is not a problem now, it may become an inconvenience as I get older. The size of the larger bottom oven has never been a hindrance, however, I would suggest taking measurements of your roasting pans. I have found the double/single set-up to be an improvement over just having one single oven and for someone who lives alone and doesn't do a lot of baking may be worth considering. WIth that being said, I am now building a new home and would prefer 2 regular size wall ovens. I recently retired and I would like to spend more time baking and having 2 full size wall ovens would be, for me, ideal.

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Great feedback y'all.
Thank you.

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