30" Bertazzoni Wall Oven Communication Error

ltfanNovember 19, 2013

After doing a lot of research and finding out very little about the Bertazzoni wall oven I decided to purchase one. I figured no news must be good news. It has been a huge mistake. Here are a few of the basic design flaws and then I will tell you about the mysterious communication error.

1.The oven does not allow you to set a temperature to anything that ends in a 5. It only sets by 10's. So if you want 375, you have to choose 370 or 380.
2. The timer does not steadily advance. When you are setting the timer it stops at random intervals. 8 mins, then 15 mins, then 32 mins...always different. This was something I was trying to ignore but it was extremely annoying when trying to set a turkey to roast for 4 hours. I just used a separate timer.
3. It blows out hot air to the point that the dials become extremely hot. (More about this below)
4. The installation instructions force you to cut a hole in the bottom of your cabinet. This was something I did not know a time of purchase(I now believe this has been added to side step the overheating problem- an obvious design flaw)

So I attempted to overlook these issues..after all it was an Italian made oven and who knows cooking better than the Italians? Besides it cooked to perfection until....
Thanksgiving rolled around.......
About 2.5 hours into roasting my first turkey in the oven, it shut off and flashed "Communication Error". I reset my breaker and restarted it. Again, it shut off.
I searched the web and found nothing so the next morning I just figured I must have had a power surge or something. I set it to clean.....same thing happened.

I called the service company, they told me Bertazzoni thinks it is the display board and also believed that the display board was the cause of the weird timer setting. They ordered a new part but it was backordered (this screamed to me there was a problem). It took 3 months to get the part shipped from Italy. When they finally installed it I was thrilled even though it did not fix the timer issue. The technician said he was at a trade show and thats "just the way they are".

A few weeks later I attempted the clean cycle and it shut off again and flashed "communication error" Back came the technician.

Next, they gave me a new Bertazzoni oven. This time I tried the cleaning cycle immediately. Guess what? Same thing happened. Communication error.

Thinking this may be a house problem, I called in an electrician at my expense. He said there was no wiring issue. So back came the technician. This time he measure the temperature on the dials that I told him about and he said they were heating to a temperature that was well above what the building code allowed. At this point he agreed there was a problem. He called Bertazzoni AGAIN and this time they asked him if we had cut a hole in the bottom of my cabinets during installation. I WAS HORRIFIED that that was their fix. I have a drawer under my oven and that would heat up my pans beyond being able to touch them so I refused to do that. Besides at this point I figured there was much more going on with this oven. I did not believe that cutting up my cabinets would solved the problem and I would be damaging my cabinets permanently. I wasn't about to do that for this oven.

So.... he started the process of checking to see about a refund. During this time I still had to cook so I did the best I could. 1 week into having this new oven it would not show me the functions when I set the dial. It only stayed on minute timer even though I would select and use the bake mode. I tried to reset the breaker to fix the problem...no use. Then, while on a short cooking cycle not only did it shut off but it started flashing a solid color screen...red, blue, green then checkerboard. I video taped this one because it was so odd. It never stopped flashing these colors and has been doing this ever since.

Needless to say....I did get my refund and bumped up to a Wolf oven. It is going to be installed on Wednesday just in time for the next Thanksgiving! I have been dealing with these problems for 1 year and I will NEVER buy another Bertazzoni anything ever again.

I usually do not write reviews but selecting an oven was a hard choice for me. There are bad reviews on several brands both mid and high end. I made the mistake of thinking no news was good news but if I had known one of the features of this oven was not to set the temperature to the 5's...that alone would have made me stay away. I could never find any info on "Communication Error" either...not even in their manual. So I figured MAYBE I could save someone else the headaches I have had and let you know what you might be in for with this oven. At the very least I wanted to bring to light the mysterious "communication error" and let you know you will need to cut a hole in the bottom of your cabinet for installation....that is their fix with what is obviously an overheating problem.

Good Luck with your choice!

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Wow, what a nightmare!! The only upside is that the problem was finally resolved in your favor.

I think these are the kinds of reviews that people find helpful when they are trying to make a choice of which appliances to go with ... just the facts laid out nicely. Thanks for taking the time to review your oven. Maybe you'll be able to post a favorable review of the Wolf after THIS Thanksgiving. Hope all goes well ... !!!

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You should post this on the appliance forum and give it a better, more descriptive title. Something like "Serious problems with Bertazzoni wall oven"

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beachlily z9a

Well, I learned my Italian lessons on a Ferrari my husband bought for me years ago. Lesson learned? It may be really, really pretty but don't trust the mechanicals. I've since applied that lesson to everything Italian but food. Did have a memory lapse during my kitchen update and ended up with an Italian chimney hood. What was I thinking????

Good luck with your Wolf!

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Installation directions for my wall oven, a 6 y.o. Miele, also called for cutting a ventilation space in the bottom of the oven cabinet. This specification is not required by all brands but there is nothing abnormal or difficult about it provided an installer knows his/her business. Cutting into the inside back of the cabinet was no big deal.

My previous oven had issues with badly designed heat venting below the control panel. When I replaced it I made sure that the new oven vented from the bottom.

Expect you've read the various oven threads in the Appliance forum. A majority of the wall oven brands have various heat and interior enamel issues cited there with very few exceptions. Berta is evidently just another one. Glad you have it resolved.

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I would agree that for some cabinet designs cutting a hole in the bottom of the cabinet would not be an issue but because of the excessive heat that would be venting into the drawer below the oven I did not feel like this was a good fix for my problem. I also don't think that with all the other issues going on, display board, timer, shutting off, that was a guarantee fix.

As far as posting to another forum, that is a great idea, I i will do that. My main concern was getting something that would pop up when people did a search for "Bertazzoni Communication Error" Not even Bertazzoni could tell my technician what that error code meant nor was it anywhere in their manual.

I still don't think they know what causes that error code. When they installed my new Wolf, the installers were amazed at the blue, green and checkerboard flashing screen. They had never seen that before. There are just too many mysterious problems with this oven that I wish I had known about before purchasing.

I am looking forward to my Wolf- cooked Thanksgiving Turkey! I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

Thanks for all your support! I have NEVER posted to a forum before. It's is great to have such great ideas and responses.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Wolf's have a notorious enamel chipping problem. Not much of an upgrade.

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We have been having nothing but troubles with bertazzoni appliances.

We bought all bertazzoni appliances from vent hood, range, the newest model microwave Combi oven and 30 inch wall oven. The microwave just simply doesn't work and we have been waiting for the parts to arrive from "Italy" for over a month now. Yup, you heard me right. the parts have to come from Italy. For me, this is a poor planning of the new product introduction with support from Bertazzoni. In my opinion, when new products are introduced to public without any proper parts and services is a poor management execution. After numerous calls to service center, they finally put a request to replace the unit. We are now waiting for the new unit replacement.

We are also having the front face heat issue with the Bertazzoni wall oven despite of the fact that we followed the instruction of (remedy to the design flaw IMHO) making the hole for the ventilation.

It gets so hot that we can't touch it. I called Bertazzoni and they will be sending the technician out from Appliances masters to look at it. I hope there is something that can be done. Otherwise, this oven will not be usable for our kitchen. I would love to hear more about others about this issue if this spans across all Bertazzoni wall oven owners.


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