Help with kitchen floor tile grout

Lucy101November 2, 2012

We had a flood in our recently remodeled (1 year ago) kitchen, water stood for a few days while we were away. As a result some of the grout (probably quarter of the kitchen floor) is covered with some sort of white powder/residue which doesn't come out with regular floor washing. We have big 16x24 brown-gold italian ceramic tiles with gray/brown grout. One contractor said he will use some sort of wash to remove the it, another suggested to scrape discolored grout out and re-grout. What is the right way?

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It sounds like hard water residue. Try a little CLR or LimeAway in an inconspicuous spot(like under the toekick).

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Sounds like efflorescence to me. I think that is from salts being leached out of the grout or the tile... In any event, I agree with localeater's proposed solution to try.

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