Golden Mascarello Countertops

whitlow47November 2, 2012

I am considering using golden mascarello formica countertops and requested samples from Formica. They sent me two samples. One had a lot of golds and ambers and the other had a lot of black. I love the one with the gold and ambers but am concerned about the size of of the black and how much would be distributed through the pattern. The bar is apprx 7ftx3ft and the other area is 8x3 (broken up by the range and the next area is appr 8x3 (broken up by sink) Do not want the broken areas to have the large areas of black in the fininshed area.

My other choice would be Butterum (It might be safer but I like the movement of the lighter colors in the Golden Mascarello. Either goes with floor and cabinets. Anyone have these and what do you think about the amount of black in the golden mascarello?

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If you google it you will find lots of images. It looks like the Golden Mascarello has a lot of black. If you have a Menard's in your area, some stores stock it so you could see it in person.

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Should have included the link...

Here is a link that might be useful: Menard's

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I have the golden mascarello in a barn apartment and am very happy with it. There is some black throughout, but no large swaths of it. Can your fabricator let you template this like you can a granite?

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