Pic of Profile Advantium w/ Monogram Door!

debbienp7November 10, 2012

For our kitchen remodel I liked the aesthetics of the Monogram Advantium 240 model better than the Profile. However, I found a Profile Advantium 240 at a local Sears Outlet for $1200 and I couldn't pass up the price. The more I looked at the Profile, the more I hated what I called "the eyeball", referring to how the stainless steel curves eyeball-like. So I ordered a Monogram Door for $65 (which was returnable in case it didn't fit) and had my husband replace the door. It worked! The doors swapped out easily and perfectly. No more eyeball! The only bad part is that the Monogram door has a "Monogram" label on it and the control panel of the Profile says Profile on it. This bothers me far less than the eyeball did though.

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I love it!!!

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brilliant solution!

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Great idea - no more eyeballs!

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Debbie You fabulous gal!! I have been agonizing over the
eyeball" issue for weeks. Couldnt afford the monogram version as I can get a deal on the regular also. Where did you order the new door? From the sears outlet?
I dont mind the two name badges Why cant we "debadge" appliances like they do cars.
Not to drift but how do you like the oven? How does it microwave - my DH is worried tht it wont MW well.

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Is there a trim piece that goes under the door? Or is it open under there? I'm planning on sitting mine on the counter behind slider doors as I have no plan for an oven cab.

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love this solution, do let us know where to order the monogram door from!

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Can I ask you what you are planning on pairing your advantium with? I am thinking of going with one but don't know wall oven to put below. Such a dilemma! They will be right next to my refrig, so I want all the handles to compliment each other since they won't be the same. Have you decided on a refrig? I am looking for a french door counter depth, all stainless appliances. Don't want to hijack the thread, just involved in this whole process.

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ppbenn, I ordered the door from appliancepartspros.com. It was actually $75. Appliancepartspros.com was not the least expensive place to order from, but they take returns up to 365 days after the order. I was worried about possibly needing to return the door if it didn't work to swap it out, so I ordered from them. There is no trim piece that goes under the door. The sides are designed to fit over the sides of the cabinet and there are screw holes to secure the unit with screws. The top fits over the top of the cabinet also. I LOVE the advantium. The speed oven cooks REALLY fast and does a great job. The preprogrammed menus make it so easy to select what you want to cook with the speed oven feature. It microwaves just as well as our old microwave, which was a decent one.

I have a wolf single oven to go underneath. It's not installed yet though. It's supposed to be installed on Monday.

We are using the same SubZero that we had in our kitchen before the remodel. We had the cabinetmaker make new panels for it though. It is 16 years old though, so, this part is hard to explain, but our fingers can't fit under the handles with the new panels. So we have to add handles so we can open the it easily.

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Wow, what a great solution! I have the exact same dilemma - I want an Advantium 240 wall oven in stainless steel, but don't care for the looks of the Profile oven, but also don't like spending $500 more for the Monogram "European style" Advantium that's functionally identical, but better looking (or at least more conventional in appearance and more likely to blend in with other brands of conventional ovens). It doesn't look like it costs a penny more to build the Monogram version.

I am very surprised that the entire door assembly is that inexpensive though - usually parts are sold by each individual piece, so the door would consist of the outer panel, inner panel, handle, hinges, and such that would each have to be purchased separately, and together would be quite expensive. But looking at the spare parts websites, it does appear that the whole door assembly is indeed sold as a single part for about $65 to $125.

Am I correct in that the part you bought (and I would need to buy if I wanted to do the same thing) is # WB56X10847 ? It's listed as "Door Asm W/4 Dr Tool", which isn't all that clear. It is the door for the GE Monogram Advantium 240 European-style wall oven, model ZSC2201NSS. The Profile Advantium that is the beneficiary of the donor door would be a PSB2201NSS. Correct?


(just so everyone can follow along: the Profile Advantium (PSB2201NSS)):

the Monogram Advantium whose door is being installed on the above oven: (ZSC2201NSS)

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Wow, that's awesome !!

Now, has anyone figured out how to make the colors of the digital display clocks match across different brands ? I need to change the green ones to blue, or change the blue one to green.

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I haven't tried this, but I've noticed the GE Cafe ovens including the Advantium uses a green display rather than the blue display in the Profile and Monogram series (or is it the other way around? don't remember). Maybe something could be swapped between them. The Cafe Advantium is only available as a 120v over-the-cooktop though and I need the 240v wall oven.

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Out of curiousity I checked what it would cost to switch the control panel surround to the rectangular Monogram style rather than the rounded-top Profile look - I haven't verified this by matching every part number, but at first glance it looks like the Monogram part WB27X11086 (about $150) would fit right onto the Profile oven, replacing part WB27X11082 which is the 'eyeball'-matching top piece. I'm fine with the different graphics and the black (rather than stainless steel) control knob that the Profile oven uses. The replacement black knob for the Profile BTW costs less than $5 whereas the Monogram S/S piece is almost $40. I assume they're interchangable.

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I love this thread. Brilliant. I was considering going all GE profile -- did not mind the eyeball -- until I took the DH appliance shopping.

He who has no opinion on anything decor took one look and was horrified. He literally jumped back and said, "Man, does GE know how ugly that is?"

Different strokes. We are going Electrolux.

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Great idea!! Congratulations on getting good deals and the solution to your dilemma.

MizLizzie... Hilarious. When I was shopping for appliances, I had a similar reaction to your dh's.

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debbienp7, nice swap! The GE Profile badge, if it's a decal, might come off with some careful SS cleaner scrubbing. I had part of a GE SS cooktop control label come off when I scrubbed too hard with a SS cleaner.

A couple other parts sites to check are repairclinic.com (also has 365 return policy) and geapplianceparts.com (OEM). I've ordered from both with fine results and the prices can vary between them all. repairclinic.com helped me fix my dryer (31 year old Maytag heating element finally died) and geapplianceparts.com has exploded diagrams that are essential to parts swapping. I think appliancepartspros have the exploded diagrams as well, right? It's great to have multiple sites to price shop.

I had a single black GE wall oven (discontinued) that the PO put in. My first mod was to get a GE Profile rolling oven rack that fit perfectly in the regular GE oven--so nice to have the rack roll so easily!

The second mod was to get the control panel cover and door panel in SS. The control cover was cheapest from repairclinic and the door panel cheapest from ge itself, hard to imagine I know.


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LOLling at trying to carefully rub off the *Profile* branding rather than doing the obvious and peeling off the glued-on Monogram badge....

(although maybe it's not just glued on - I haven't tried removing it)

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@lee676, oh I never thought of that! The "GE" badge on my my wall oven control panel cover is a button that fits into a hole on the cover, so I figured other badges would be the same way. If the Monogram badge is glued on, then some dental floss would prolly work fine.

but yeah, it *is* funny that I right away thought of removing a "Profile" badge instead of a "Monogram" badge!


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Boy, do I wish I could do that with the GE Profile free standing double oven range!

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Have you checked to see if the doors from the GE Cafe double-oven gas range won't interchange? Yours probably looks like this if gas:

or electric:

This is the GE Cafe range:

I like the looks of this discontinued GE Profile range, though i'd expect the parts price to be higher

I'd guess that the doors on the gas ovens may interchange, but the electric ovens may have different door shapes. Haven't looked closely in stores or online parts diagrams, much less tried doing a door swap. There's also a series of plain GE (not Profile or Cafe) double-oven ranges, but they don't even look as good as the Profile doors IMO.

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bumping this hoping the OP will answer my model-number question upthread.....

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Because the photo I linked to upthread was removed, and I'm referring someone to this thread:

The Profile Advantium wall oven (PSB2201NSS)):

the Monogram Advantium whose door is being installed on the above oven: (ZSC2201NSS):

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