undercabinet strip outlet plugs

chris82November 29, 2012

We are redoing our kitchen and considering using the undercabinet strip plugs. Does anyone have any experience with them. Where is the best place to buy hardwired strips?
Can you cut them or do they come in certain lengths?
Are there any other factors that I may need to consider. The strip next to the sink will be on there own circuit

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People generally refer to these kind of strips as plugmold, so you can do a search on that term to get lots of information. We used angled power strips from Task Lighting. They come in standard lengths and are hard wired.

The main factors to consider is how well they'll be hidden by the front of the cabinet, and how well you can tolerate cords hanging down. From Kitchen

Here is a link that might be useful: Task Lighting power strips

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Thank you, I have been on the Task lighting but do not see prices.
About how much do they cost and can they be cut down like the plugmold?

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You have to buy the Task products through your electrician or GC. They can't be cut down, you just have to buy them in a length that fits your space.

My electrician didn't break out labor and materials. For the 6 foot strip he charged $300 installed, and for the 3 foot strip he charged $200. A 2 foot strip was $185. This included all the wiring as well as the strip itself, and he had to use the TR (tamper proof) series to meet code.

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Do you need to run them the length of the cabinet?

For example a 6 foot cabinet run and center a 3 foot strip in the middle.

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Sophie Wheeler

Plug mold also needs to comply with the NEC requirements for kitchens in that you need a minimum of two separate 20 amp GFI circuits for it. If you have an area of the counter that is heavy on small appliance use, you need to make sure that you install outlets from the two separate circuits in that area or you may blow a fuse if you want to use the toaster oven and microwave at the same time.

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We are just installing some plugmold purchased on line from mr.supply.com. One 5' piece has 10 plugs and it can be cut. We will be using 3 plugs in one location and the rest elsewhere. The cost was about $80. for the aluminum (most expensive) plugmold plus a few minor parts. You can call them and discuss your needs. One nice thing about plugmold is that you can wire it directly and do not need a box.

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Purchased ours at Home Depot - Plugmold. Somewhere around $40 each for a 4' section and the electrician installed them. We have another section that DH will install on our island. We have had no problems.

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Can get them at outwater in some sizes. Custom sizes available from Task- note Task alsO offers them with built-in LED drivers.

Here is a link that might be useful: Angle power strips

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