Ugly, poorly made light, or pretty in the right space?

maggiebkitNovember 14, 2013

I've been looking at lighting for longer than is humanly possible and can't find anything that I want to put in my kitchen. Trying to do something a little different for island pendants since the rest of my kitchen is predicatable- White cabs, light grey counter, med tone wood floor. I like more simple things without a lot of bling so I am trying to stretch. Anyway I saw this and never heard of the brand. Is it a possibility or should I just say no?

Otherwise my husband wants to go with the clemson pendant, which is nice, just not me.

Traditional Pendant Lighting

Thanks for any insight!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I like simple w/ no bling and I find that light to be beautiful. Love the simple curve, the shine, the simplicity. Will it give bright enough light? It looks like a glow rather than a glare, which could be good. I always wonder if pendants are too bright when the bulb is not covered.

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I love it, congratulations on finding it! That is a great website, I wish I'd seen it when shopping.

Here is a link that might be useful: pendants

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Love the pendant! It's hard to it a paper or some sort of shell? Lovely color with hints of soft gray. And very different! Don't think I've come across this one in all MY research on pendant lighting.

Trust your instincts. If you're still not sure, perhaps posting a pic of your kitchen would help with comments.

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Thanks everyone for clicking the link, not sure why the picture didn't come through.

Thanks scootermom! It accepts 3 60 watt bulbs, so I am hoping that will be enough. I agree, I don't want a light without a diffuser on the bottom because I think there would be too much glare.

Kksmama, thank you. I feel like I have seen every light that's out there, so I was glad to find this site as well.

Thanks Nan 57, Kitchen is down to the just studs right now. Electrician is here and they are wiring so I was trying to get an idea of what I wanted to put in there so I could give an approximate location for boxes. Hopefully won't have to move anything later!

Normally I would not care so much what strangers think, but this board is different, and when you get positive feedback on it, it's awesome-so thank you all!

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Fori is not pleased

I kinda like it too! It has the shell look if it isn't shell which is nice, but I hope it's sturdy enough for cleaning. If you get it, report back on it please.

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To me, white kitchens look to be begging for some color; otherwise, they look too sterile. Maybe introduce some color using your pendants. It doesn't have to be wild, just provide a pop of accent color.

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maggie, we just went through the process with wiring. Great idea to get the location close as possible to avoid patching later. They got our wiring all close, then before drywall came in pulled them into attic until we knew our exact placement. Worked great with our pendants...still had to patch a couple others, but planning ahead definitely helped!

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As far as the brand goes, I am familiar with Regina Andrew and her product is always fabulous. Very unique and not cheap looking. This fixture was likely recently introduced so might not be available immediately.

good luck

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I love it absolutely gorgeous. Do you know how much it costs?

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Love the light!

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I ordered it, but from a different vendor than zinc door. It was final sale there and I didn't want to chance it if I didn't like it in the space. So I ordered it from They had no restocking fee, so I will just pay the shipping if we don't like it. I'm usually not that impulsive, I need to see something quite a few times before I buy, but I have been looking forever, so fingers crossed!

Thanks Fori, I talked to a store that carries it in California and he indicated that it was a good brand (but what else is he going to say, right?) Hopefully it'll hold up over the island.

Gpraceman- That was my thought originally as well, but I couldn't find anything I liked with a pop of color. I didn't want a small glass pendant so I was thinking of a light with a fabric shade, which is how I actually came across this. We are going to have one wall with blue-grey grass cloth on it, so I hope that will be enough color for the room.

Nan57- You're lucky your attic is above! What a great idea. I'm wondering how contractors feel about moving lights. Our ceilings aren't repaired yet, so maybe I'll have to figure that out before they fix.

Isabel98-Thank you!! SO glad to hear that!!

Kam76, It's expensive-out of my price range, but I've been under budget with some of my other choices so I'm hoping it's worth it. I saw it from $622 to $650. But Arcadian home, and clayton gray home both had coupon codes I found on the internet (for 10 and 20% off respectively)

Thanks BlackChamois! Me too!

Thanks again everyone! You are all awesome!!

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We recieved the lights, but they didn't work in our space. The gray that we were trying to pick up in the light wasn't there. It was a creamy color.
The store was great, but they just looked too different in real life. Here is a picture of what they look like lit, and it is a little more accurate representation.
Thanks for weighing in everyone.

Here is a link that might be useful: click on small pic to see

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I'm sorry it didn't work out. It's gorgeous

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Fori is not pleased

It really does change colors lit up, doesn't it?

At least you gave it a chance. and gave me a chance to save it. I dunno...I still like it! Thanks for the report.

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I think it's beautiful! :)

From [TV kitchens](
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