Temporary kitchen update help

fabbricNovember 5, 2012

We just got off a massive reno in our previous house and we're bone tired. My "new" kitchen is original 1970 dark and needs help. I was thinking of using the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations in Linen and maybe even painting the countertop in Onyx or Charcoal.

We only have 8' ceilings so maybe a few new pendants and I'll throw on some undercabinet lighting as there is no light behind that valance (which is also coming down).

We are planning another massive remodel but not for at least 1 year or more.

Any other suggestions are absolutely welcome.

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Oh I forgot to add that I hate double bowl sinks and really want to replace with a self-rimming single bowl...do they come in 20" x 30" self-rimming?


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I can suggest one thing for the lights, costco has this little battery operated spotlight with remote, perfect for the lighting issue. White cabinets will look good.

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If you are planning a big reno in a year, I wouldn't waste time and effort painting the cabinets or waste my money changing out a sink that might not work in the future space. Just live with the space for now and see how it works for you and start planning the new kitchen. It always takes more time to plan than you think. You could start searching for finishes and items that you like and keep a file so when the time comes to budget and purchase it will be less daunting for you. Good luck.

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"I hate double bowl sinks and really want to replace with a self-rimming single bowl...do they come in 20" x 30" self-rimming?"

Me too and yes they do! This was one of the first things to go into my new house.

I paid about $160 for mine, looks like different Lowes have different price points.

It's not as nice as my BIG BIG single bowl sink(from my old house) but it is a huge improvement over the double bowl thing that was there and the separate removable sink is great for small washing.


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maju 785 and badgergal

Thanks for your replies. I've set myself a budget of $600 to do this because I can't live with these cabinets. I may skip the countertop paint though to stay within budget. I don't mind the work because I'll then have some piece of mind and will be able to think clearly about the reno versus looking at the cabinets all the time and thinking "I need to change this now!"

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Thanks mgmsrk. I'll see if I can find that in Alberta. You guys have a much better selection and prices and your Lowe's in the States.

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Fun fact:

You can easily and effectively paint ceramic tile.

Clean the bejabbers out of it, especially to remove any lingering grease. Rinse and let it get very dry.

Paint with white pigmented shellac (generic or B-I-N).

Second coat (or coats) with a high-quality oil-based, gloss enamel. (I used older formulation of a BM product.)

It holds up well; it still looked fine in a kitchen after 5 or 6 years and even lasted in good condition in a shower stall for more than 2 years.

Of course it permanently covers (and destroys) the tile but if you're gong to replace it all anyway, who cares?

Cost should be less than %50 for your tile and even then you'll have left over product.



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Fori is not pleased

For a year and $600 I'd replace the sink and get some burnt orange and avocado green accessories.

And a lucite spaghetti lamp.

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If you paint the cabinets, try starting with just the uppers - the lighter feel might be enough that you can live with the lowers as they are until you're ready (just trying to save you work!).

I completely understand the need to get something to what you can tolerate, so you can live with it, even for a short while.

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I agree with badgergal & fori..... I would spend my energy & $$ planning on the new reno!

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Sorry I was away all day peeling wallpaper and popcorn ceilings at the new house.

I completely understand the "hang on to your money/time/energy" sentiment but this mini-refresh will be done in the next two weeks before we move in and then we are doing absolutely nothing to the house for at least a year.

So maybe I'll buy an orange pendant as a 70's homage while I paint the cabinets anyway :)

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I'm all for the mini refresh, including putting in a deep single sink. $600 (and a couple weekends of work) seems like a pittance considering you'll dramatically improve the appearance and to a lesser-but-still-significant-degree the function. We went 7 years on our mini-refresh before full-out remodeling, and it was time and money well spent -- it didn't erase the need for a renovation, but it made the wait a LOT more tolerable.

Go for it.

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