Sun Room Shelf - need creative help!

a2geminiNovember 9, 2012

Our kitchen is basically done (except fixing the stupid drawer adjusting the hanging lamp - aka chandelier - but just doesn't say chandelier)

As part of the reno - we stole 9 inches of the sun room to expand the cabinets so I could have my 36 inch cooktop.

The sun room is a cathedral ceiling and the kitchen is an 8 foot ceiling.

GC recommended building a shelf instead of closing it in - said it would make the room more "open" feeling.

The shelf is done - and he is right - the room would have looked smaller if it was a solid wall.

So...I have this 11 foot wide, 9 inch deep shelf. The wall peaks with the cathedral ceiling. I need to figure out what to do with it. It has LED tape lights near the front of the shelf, so lose about 1-2 front inches. We tried the lights front and rear - and definitely front.

I found this copper "washtub" at Williams Sonoma - it was pricey - but when I turn on the lights it just glows and looks brilliant (OK - I know copper will turn and might need to do some "contact sports" with it episodically)

Wall color is BM Coastal path

Trim color is Brookhaven Autumn Cherry with black glaze

What do you think? Also - what should I put in it?

Other ideas?

If you like the tub - I might try to find a cheaper version but am also open to other ideas.

Here are some pictures.

View with partial kitchen and shelf

View from sunroom - shelf not in picture but would be closest to the sun room

Sun room - the table in the front lifts up to become table height

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AAACK, that table is soooo cool! I'm heading out for another weekend away and am so glad I caught your post. Love the tub, but am terrible with decorating, so have no suggestions on what to put in it or over it to give the arrangement height. Maybe a montage of all your tile samples? ;)

Sorry your amazing drawer isn't fixed yet. :(

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The triangle of color above the dark shelf is throwing me off. On the other wall it works as the window is the standout. Would that area be better painted the ceiling color? It just seems that no matter what you put up there, knick-knack-wise, will be overshadowed by the triangle color. Unless you find something BIG that can take the forefront.

Okay, what about a long, stained glass transom type stained glass window mounted just above the shelf...maybe the light at the back of the shelf to back light the window and then something round or diamond shaped above that? Kind of a composition that would mimic the triangle window on the other wall?

The pic is just to give an idea of what I'm referring to. I'd like to see a transom in a wood frame though to add some visual 'weight' to it.

You could add a couple pieces on the shelf then to fill out the area? Like the copper pan, btw.

My 2 cents. :)

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Deedles - love your 2 cents!
good idea on changing the wall color - but do I go with the white ceiling or the kitchen trim color - BM Marscapone(sp - never can spell this one!)
I could hold out for the art fair and get a nice piece of stained glass - I love this group has great ideas for those who lack creativity.

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Love the copper trough, but it is the wrong scale for the space.
I have shelves/open beams in my sun room. I do like to change what I have up there at Christmas time, garland looks so festive draped there, and I can totally see a wreath in your space.
On one side of my sunroom, we have a collection of soft sculptures, purchased at a long ago craft fair. I love this grouping. It is colorful, whimsical and fills the space fairly well. One advantage of this hanging collection is that most cleaning days it is just a swipe with my long handled duster. From GW Photos

On the other side I have a collection of kachina dolls. Don't like these here. I have accidentally knocked one over when dusting(and when my husband sees where it broke he will not be pleased), plus they are too small for the space, and kachina dolls just creep me out- remnants of 70's horror movie about a doll with a spear that comes to life- it still gives me chills. I do like that they have a lot of height variation among themselves. Terrible photo, sorry
From GW Photos

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Is the ceiling painted in 'ceiling white' or is it a color? Maybe you could paint it the ceiling color with a different eggshell or BM's pearl finish, which is quite nice. A friend once did opposing walls in the same room with the same color but had flat on 2 and eggshell on the other two and at first I swore it was a different color. Subtle but highlighted.

OR the kitchen trim color looks good, too. (Mascarpone, I think is how it's spelled but now it has a squiggle red line under it so maybe not. Ok, spell check doesn't recognize that word, that's right).

I'm a sucker for stained glass windows used for decorative things, though. Check out Ebay, tons of gorgeous windows on there all the time, new or old.

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I will buy the tub from you, if you decide you don't like it! I have copper cookware that goes woth it!! The kitchen looks so pretty!


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Four - thanks for your comments - KD is hiding from me today - guess I will have to make a cameo at the store tomorrow....

LocalEater - those are cute - but probably too small for this space - but good ideas! I have lots of bears and lots of ceramic pots - but I think I need some height. We have these great whimsical characters in our bathroom but I like them there - I also have a sculptured tree over the fire place.

Deedles- The ceiling is ceiling white - believe it or not, I never had ceiling white in my houses - so this is a first.
eBay would be a good choice - I think it would be a great idea - I think I will return the copper tub - it shines so nicely - I was thinking of adding seasonal items in it. I looked it up and no red squiggles!
Here is the spelling per Webster mascarpone

Springroz - The tub is from Williams Sonoma - cost about 200 - but I can just return it. Can you use copper on induction? I know copper by itself won't work - but wonder if they ever bond it to other materials.

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I can picture a really big pretty wreath up there or one of the big metal pieces of wall art that is popular now.

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Not good with decor but like the tree minty88 posted. You kitchen is so nice. One that you could really enjoy hanging out in. Love the table. I want to sit and have some tea with you and the bears.

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Minty - thanks for the ideas - I have a big tree above the fireplace that I joked that I should move to this location - maybe I will give it a try.

Debra - I have some really nice teas - my DB is a tea importer. He gives very specific directions on the teas. Water needs to be at this temperature, pour into the Japanese tea pot, then into the rice cups, and back to the pot - pour after 2 minutes.. Etc Swing on by.. In any case, thank you for the complement.

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I like the idea of metal wall art, both those examples seemed to fit the space better than the tub. Perhaps look for something in copper?
And so sorry to read about the drawer issue, been gone from here for a while only to return to read about quite a disaster.
Love that table! Where did you get it or did you build it yourselves? Love how the space turned out, I remember the first conversation about the sunroom bench.
And your kitchen turned out fantastic.

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You should put your tree thingee up there and post a pic!

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Nineteen and seedless- thanks. DH is heading to Paris without me- so will be a few days before I can try our tree- definitely a 2 person job.

19- the table is more or less Amish. I was just about to order a royal mission table when I spotted a desk and they also made a coffee table. I asked if it could be a riser table and yes- it needed some modifications to meet our needs. The table is 2 inches deeper to improve counter balance. It also needed the bottom shelf for structural support.

We purchased through king's chosen in a2. They work with the Amish in the area(mi, Indiana, etc)
I probably could have purchased it directly but would have paid major shipping costs. The owner drives down and delivers all over the country.
The table is cherry. We also snagged a modified desk and file from the same company.
The style is called Grand Rapids - I think.

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Wait - there is photo shop - I will try to get a picture of the tree and see if I can post - it is raining again - so not sure about the light...

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