drooling over these Craigslist Cabinets

function_firstNovember 16, 2012

If I had 9' ceilings I'd probably rip out my kitchen just to put these in.... at 6k? With a Subzero? Really? Maybe not, but if you're in the Avon, CT, area might be worth investigating.

Sorry for the blurry pic, I had to take a screen shot from the video link -- the seller does NOT know how to market his stuff.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gorgeous cabinets on Craigslist

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(No words, just. . .


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Wow! That is really beautiful. Do you have the link for the listing?

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Oh, how nice!
Absolutely not my style, but I'm very attracted to the simplicity in all the fancy!

Fun. :)

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pretty nice for 6k. Not my style but I can tell they are good quality, they will make someone very happy!!

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The house these cabinets came from is only a couple miles from me--how funny. Not my style, but I'd be happy to buy the Sub Zero--wonder if they'd sell it separately?

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@ Poohpup - the link to the listing is below the picture up above

Not my style so much either, but somehow I see Mrs. Pots and Chip dancing aroud in it singing "Be our guest! Be our guest!"... And then I remember that I've always wanted to be a princess. Sold!

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