Color for the range-- yes or no?

saydeNovember 19, 2012

Do you have a range in a color other than stainless, or black?

How did you make the decision, and are you happy with it?

Mine is a bottle green Blue Star RNB30. Love the range but have gone back and forth on the color. Love dark green -- it is an accent color used throughout the house. Like the green next to the wood. But sometimes think that perhaps it was a mistake -- black or stainless would have been more in keeping with the period look of the kitchen.

Would like to hear from others who chose color a while back and have had a chance to live with it for a while.

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Mine is stainless, but I ADORE your green one, and love all the other colors I see!! I would have a color, but could not find a place to see BS in person, so I played it safe.


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You should def change the color, and ship the old one to me:) Just kidding. I too love your kitchen as it is! Actually, I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to buy an expensive range with a color, since people's taste seem to change every few years. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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I love yours. I love color, and feel like our culture has become afraid of color, when years ago, color was everywhere. I traded a white range for a deeply discounted stainless Capital, but I'd trade it in a heartbeat for a bottle green Bluestar or deep red Berta and happily decorate around it for the rest of my life.

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I love the colors, and love colors in general. I'd do it in a minute. Unfortunately, ranges in my price range come only in stainless, black, and white.

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Like suzanne, my price range dictates stainless/black/white. If I could afford it, I would have a creamy yellow, vintage-esque stove.

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I am in the process of renovating our kitchen and have purchased the Blue Star range and hood. It is light blue/gray (RAL 9018).

Not sure how to post the picture but would be happy to attempt posting (hood is in place but not range) if you think it would be helpful.

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Sayde, I believe you know my situation from the other thread, but I will repeat it here. I have a black Bluestar range. I could have gotten any other color for the same price, so that was not the issue. And my other appliances are copper, so it was not a matter of matching them, either.

However, I was too chicken to choose another color. I am notoriously bad at colors, and was scared of making a bad choice. I like red, but it would have to have been the right red to go with my coral/tan travertine floor. I like yellow, but it would have to have been the right yellow to go with the floor and the walls (or rather, for the walls to go with it). Green is my absolute favorite color; maybe your bottle green would have worked. I am sometimes wistful that I couldn't commit to another color, but the hazards seemed larger than the payoff to me.

(Hey, wanna trade ranges for a while? We could just swap them back and forth every Jan. 1 for a little variety! ;-)

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I love colored ranges! I'm considering a dark green, dark blue, cream or maybe red! I'm leaning towards green or cream at the moment. I really like red, but I find it hard to decorate around in the spring with pastels and whatnot. I currently have an empire red kitchenaid stand mixer that I received as a wedding present, sometimes I regret that I registered for the red instead of black or stainless.

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Hi Sayde, long time colored range owner here! :-) Funny thing is, when I first started out looking at the Aga, I was pretty much determined to choose one in black or pewter. However, the day I walked into the showroom where a claret red Aga 6-4 was on display, that was it. That machine looked at me and said very firmly and without hesitation: "I want her!" And it was done, simple as that. I did not then, or since, entertain limiting thoughts of what to do about a red range on resale, whether I would ever tire of the color, or whether such a dramatic color would suit the taste of others. Some things you just know.

My red range and I are now approaching 4 years together in my kitchen. I have never had a shred of regret over having made this decision. In fact, I still get an oh-so-subtle energy boost each time I walk into my kitchen (but especially on cold winter mornings). It's as if that range is extending a warm and joyful welcome to me! And I'm happy to see her. Just about everyone else who comes into my kitchen feels the same thing.

All that said, you know I love your kitchen, never tire of looking at it, and that goes for that gorgeous bottle green range of yours as well. Even if you might be thinking it now, I don't believe that color was ever a mistake!

Olivesmom: I enjoy the color of my red range every season of the year, including spring when, like you, I tend to use more pastels in decorating. Since this appliance (and the matching hood) are just focal points, and not the color theme for the whole room, I'm finding plenty enough leeway to introduce many other decorative touches, including some pastels.

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I have a blue Ilve with chrome trim. I wasn't really looking for blue or an Ilve -- I was scouring Craigslist and dealers for an O'keefe and Merritt I could afford. But the blue Ilve turned up as a really good deal, and I needed a stove.

It fits well in an old house, and I haven't at all grown weary of the look. It will make a back splash more complicated when we get to that.

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So, none of you regret your choice to go with a color then?

I have a period-appropriate kitchen in my vintage house with all white appliances because I think they fit the mood of my kitchen better and because I dislike stainless. Currently I'm looking for a new range in the semi-pro category. A color really calls to me, but I too wonder if I'd tire of it after time. And, at the price of these ranges, it could end up being a costly mistake. OTOH, I've had gorgeous green tile counter tops for twenty years and have not once regretted the color choice, but they will be replaced with soapstone in this kitchen freshen-up. I am also considering the safety of white to match the other appliaces. (Of course, my husband says go with the plain stainless becaause it is cheaper.)

Now, totally off topic with a question for Angie--
Your range is one that I am considering (except it looks like you have the 36" and I'd be going with the 30"), and I am intrigued by the hood above it. Is it one of the curved glass ones? Have any more photos, and do you like it? Is that a window behind your range?

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No regrets!!

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I've had my red bluestar range for 2.5 years and never regretted it. I picked my granite first, range color 2nd, cabs 3rd, wall color next and finally backsplash. I always knew I was getting a red range and BS had many different shades to choose from.

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We opted for a cobalt blue RNB for no particular reason, other than that it's a color we both like and blues match pretty easily with neutral colors, so we weren't much concerned that it was not part of a grand design plan. In truth, it was a spur-of-the-moment decision -- we actually changed to blue from stainless the day after placing our order. No regrets at all -- we both still like the blue. OTOH, that's not why I wanted the range and . . . well, to each his or her own.

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For needinfo1: Actually, my Bluestar is only a 30". The range hood is a Miele DA249-4, and, yes, that is a window behind the range. I chose the hood because, with the window, I HAD to have a glass hood! However, most of them look uber-modern, and my kitchen is meant to look a bit vintagey.

I like the hood, but don't love love love it. It is 625 CFM, it was a bit expensive, and is a bit loud. Here is a better picture to show the hood:

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Thank you for sharing all the lovely pictures.

We decided to go with BlueStar because I did not want white, black, or Stainless in my kitchen. That really limited my choices with pro-style ranges....

I just ordered the a 36" Precious Metals BlueStar in Ruby Red (RAL 3003) and can't wait to have it delivered and installed. I think a splash of color is exactly what my kitchen needs.

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I Love the colored ranges! I was tempted but being I was already doing yellow cabinets I figured that was daring enough... We ended up doing double ovens and a cooktop but if we did all white cabs I definitely would have gone with a yellow range! : )

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Thanks much! People after my own heart! I am sorely tempted by the cobalt blue range. For me, my first priority is functionality, but then I'd like to have that extra special oomph that these colored ranges seem to provide.

Angie--Thanks much for the info about your hood. My kitchen is vintagy too (we had custom cabinets built to match the original 1920's type cabinets we'd salvaged from somewhere else) to go with the rest of out 1916 house. I don't even want a hood, but we'll have to figure something out. Plus, we have a very difficult layout problem for a hood, so I thought I'd ask about the hood.

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Thanks for all the responses, and kind words about my kitchen. Marthavila it was especially nice to hear that you are still loving your red AGA after four years.

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EuroChef USA

For all of you wanting a color range and concerned about price point- check out the Verona line of ranges- 36" & 30" options are available in color. Matte Black, Burgundy and Antique White and EuroChef is introducing True White in the fall.
The price points are unbeatable for an Italian-made range with durability, quality and beauty.

Here is a link that might be useful: Verona Appliances

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Like @marthavila, I did the red aga 6-4 and love, love, love it, it is visible from several rooms in the house and it makes me happy, the fact I waited years to do it, and the fact that I love red and use it in small doses throughout the house, made it the right choice for me,

More of my red aga kitchen can be seen in the vintage with a twist, Gettysburg gray, etc...thread.

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soshh and marthaville--

I love your red Agas! Do these 6-4s have nicely finished sides so they could be used in an installation where one side is exposed? Or, do they need to be finished by cabinets on both sides?

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soshh and marthaville--

I love your red Agas! Do these 6-4s have nicely finished sides so they could be used in an installation where one side is exposed? Or, do they need to be surrounded by finished cabinets on both sides?

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It's black on the side.

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So, it is not that nice red metal on the side and is instead a kind of tacky looking black fimsy stuff? I've seen the Aga Legacy and what I just described is kind of the look of the Legacy on the sides.

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