Skinny pullout. What do you keep in them...

deedlesNovember 24, 2012

and how wide, actually ARE the shelves? Looking at 4", 5

or 6".

I've looked back at a few old posts but didn't see any really skinny ones. Just need some clearance between fridge and wall.

Are Rev a Shelf good or are there others that are better?

Pretty much any info would be appreciated...


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We have one next to the rangetop(to use up some space between the rangetop and the corner lazy susan).
The shelves are 5 inches wide and adjustable height-wise. Right now I have my garlic keeper and some of my canned pickled green beans and hot peppers in there.

It's plenty wide enough to store canned goods as well.

As for brand I can't tell what the cabinetmaker used, but it's possibly rev-a-shelf as that's what he used for the lazy susans.

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Elraes Miller

I have one of these to install by the stove. There are a dozen things one can put in them.

Here is a link that might be useful: pull out shelves

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My neighbors (who have these) use them to store their spices.

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I have mine next to the range, and store spices in it. The outside dimensions of the cabinet are 7", and I am using a Rev-a-shelf pullout with 5" outside dimension.

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I have1 on each side of my range. I store all my spices and salts and the oils and vinegars i use daily. I have found them to be very convenient and am very glad I added them. Our cabinets were custom, so they were built by the cabinet maker.

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thanks all for the answers so far!

labbie: is your pullout 5" wide on the face? Just wondering if you can have a 5" shelf in a 5 1/2" spot. You have half pint, or pint or quart jars in there?

Angie: May I ask why you chose a 5" instead of a 6" since you have a 7" opening? Really trying to figure out how much shelf inch/per cabinet opening I can get.

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My cabinet outside dimensions are 7", but there are two 3/4" walls to consider. Thus, the inner dimension of the cab (i.e., the opening) is only 5.5".

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We use ours for our glasses. It's 5". It is a perfect solution for glass storage where have no upper cabinets. Just make sure your glasses are stackable.

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I don't have any yet, but I want too many of them in my remodel. I'd love to have one on each side of the stove for spices, oils, et al and one on each side of the sink for vitamins/medicines on one side and tea varieties on the other.

What a clever idea to use them for glasses...

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No shelves at all.

The single one is divided in two vertically and used to store baking pans, cooling racks, the bread peel, etc.

Is is 8 inches wide.

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I have a skinny one (5" wide inside) that is only counter-height high, with a small drawer on top of it. It's under the countertop I use for baking and I have found it perfect for smallish baking supplies: Salt, baking powder and baking soda, vanilla and other extracts, larger-size jars of cinnamon and ginger, molasses, etc....all the stuff I need a tsp or tbs of when baking, right at my fingertips. The upper drawer makes it particularly easy. I keep the most used stuff in it, then the pullout has only two levels, so easy to get to everything.

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sorry for the late response. the shelves themselves are 5 inches wide, The "face" is just under 7, and it doesn't appear that it needed to be that wide (cabinetmaker was using up the space we had to fill).
I have both pint and half pint jars in there.

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Thanks for the answers. Sounds like these can be mighty handy. Vitamins! What a perfect spot for vitamins! I could see a couple shelves for vitamins and aspirin, etc and then a deeper walled shelf on the bottom for standing wrap boxes and such. Someone had that setup only it was the deep shelf for wraps and then rods for towels. Breezy, maybe?

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Annie Deighnaugh

I always thought you should keep vitamins and spices away from excess heat, so is putting these items next to an oven a good idea? I keep my spices in an upper cab, near the stove, but not near the heat....

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The vitamins and teas are going in the pullouts flanking the sink, if I break down and do 4 pullouts in this small kitchen. If I had more kitchen real estate, I wouldn't even blink about flanking both the range and the sink with small pullouts. I think it's a neat look, too. Kind of frames the area.

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