Double wall oven: Electrolux, GE Cafe or Bosch

aimskitchenNovember 13, 2012

We're getting to the final stretch here, and I'm hoping folks can weigh in on double wall ovens. I've narrowed it to three brands, and really can't go higher in price, so despite the fact that folks love higher priced brands, they're out of the running. The options:

Bosch 300 HBL350UC (or the slightly higher priced 500 model)


Electrolux Wave-Touch Series EW30EW65GS

Concerns are performance, frequency of repairs (hopefully low to none), and ease and cost of getting repairs. This final concern is one that leads my husband to think the GE might be a better choice. Of only slight concern is figuring out if I need to match the finish on a fridge that will be less than a foot away. Thanks for any input, you all have been so helpful!

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I have Bosch double ovens and a cooktop. different model. It's been a year and so far I am pleased. I spent hours comparing GE Bosch and Electrolux features and finally chose Bosch because I like the handles the best, so certainly my input is useless. If I ever need service I will call a local service fellow. We live in the country and it is hard to get service from big companies.

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Thanks sixtyohno, that's good to hear. I plan on buying a Bosch cooktop as well; which one are you enjoying? By the way, I don't think ruling things out due to handles is silly - there are several I ruled out just because I couldn't stand the shiny chrome looking handles that were already all fingerprinty in the store.

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I went with Bosch 500 series single wall ovens and lined them side by side under the cooktop. Originally we planned on purchasing the Bosch range, but found a great deal on Dacor. We also went with the Bosch range hood. It's been less than a week since they have been installed, but all the Bosch appliances are great!

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I have the Bosch 500 series double oven and love it. It's about 9 months old - no problems at all. Temp is very even through each oven and love the convection.

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Love my Elux Wavetouch double oven. Looking forward to using the Perfect Turkey setting again on Thanksgiving. Sounds crazy, but it really works. When the turkey hits the target temp, the oven automatically goes to "keep warm," so if I'm busy with something else, I can just leave it there.

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If you ask over in Appliances, you'll find overwhelming support for the Elux among those brands. It seems to be THE choice there for a solid, well-performing, quality oven in the mid-range price category. Have you checked over there? I had been planning the Elux after many months of research until I found a great deal on a floor model double Wolf L.

From what I gather, Bosch ovens aren't what they used to be. Plus, Bosch, partners with Thermador, are blantly ripping off Julia Child's image without any type of legal or moral consent so I refuse to buy anything from them. And I've only had bad experiences with GE appliances.

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Thanks for the input, this is great. I have asked in appliances, and they did recommend Elux; didn't get other responses. The appliance guy locally seems to be a heavily GE and Kitchenaid guy. I've talked myself out of the KA appliance line he was pushing as the best, and he says Cafe is better than Bosch. Not so sure about that. I always wonder if there's a financial incentive for them when they push a line heavily, particularly when it's not getting good reviews.

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There is almost always a financial incentive for appliance salesman to push certain brands. They aren't necessarily looking out for YOUR best interest. Do your own research. Personally, I trust reviews and recs read here and in Appliances over random appliance store sales people. I can't tell you how many sales guys I ran into that knew far less about the product they were selling than I did!

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Don't know about the performance of the Elux - but love the gliding racks and the beautiful blue interior.
I almost went with Elux icon - but ended up with GE advantium and Wolf e series

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Concerns are performance, frequency of repairs (hopefully low to none), and ease and cost of getting repairs. This final concern is one that leads my husband to think the GE might be a better choice.

I quickly regretted the purchase of a GE oven. (Long story, short: Inconsistent and spotty temps, not holding heat, regaining heat by going into preheat mode and burning the tops of things... It was 'working properly as engineered.' They took my oven back but another avid baker here on the forum experiencing the same issues got no help or refund from GE, even though we were concurrently communicating with the same person.) Just after I bought it, I spoke to my favorite appliance tech (not good timing on my part) and he said they had trouble getting GE to send parts in a timely manner and that they were expensive compared to others. --Just trying to say that GE may be the opposite of what your husband hopes.

Elux gets such overwhelming kudos on the appliance forum from members whose opinion I trust, that of your choices, that's where I'd lean. But I've also seen mostly favorable reports from Bosch owners on the current Bosch ovens.

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Thank you, I really appreciate that input. I do see that lots of people love the elux, but have also read some bad stuff - guess that's true about all brands, including Bosch. It seems, in general, that Bosch is pretty well respected and pricewise, I think I can do better for what I'm getting, so am thinking I may go that route. You all are talking me out of the GE, which is what I need at this point - must make decisions!

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I have the electrolux wave touch microwave/oven combo. Love the smooth glide racks. The only negative is the oven makes an occasional "boing" sound as it heats up like the metal is expanding and contracting.

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I'm not sure what you're reading, but just in case they are older comments: I do know that inn 2008 or 09, Elux models of that year had a problem with the electronic boards, but owners reported a good response by the company, and they had the boards changed for the next model year, and I haven't read complaints since.

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My Electrolux Icon E30EW75ESS3 has been nothing but trouble!
I am so frustrated! I have spent days of my life on the problems with this oven. I have had repairmen out at least 10 times in 2 1/2 years! They replaced the control board early on but I have still had "F23"errors, including today as well as Thanksgivin 2011. Couldn't cook my turkey...not a big hit, I can assure you.

The oven does not cook evenly. Everything has to be turned around in order to get even browness. The repairmen always leave saying "I don't know what the problem is."I had health issues this past year and just couldn't spend the time and effort to continue fighting Electrolux. Today they offered to pay for the repair or give me 1/2 off a new oven. What?!!
I also got the warming drawer which gets stuck on the heating element and you can't get the food out of it and the Speed Cook oven. I love the convenience of the Speed Cook, but I cannot get the interior clean. It does make incredible baked potatoes.

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