36" enough between wall ovens and peninsula?

aimskitchenNovember 20, 2012

I've read that the minimum distance between wall oven and another counter/cabinet area should be 3 1/2 feet. I knew ours was going to be tight, and a bit under that, but when the KD came out yesterday to do a final measurement before ordering, I realized that the peninsula run had grown 3 inches, ending directly across from the double wall ovens, with a 36" walkway between the two. My husband thinks this will be fine; I'm not so sure.

This peninsula run can't be shortened without doing major reconfiguration of the whole L shaped work area - moving a dishwasher off the peninsula, shrinking the cooktop size, rehoming the microwave, etc. The cabinet order was due to go in yesterday, but the KD is holding off, wanting us to be happy. However, the contractor, with whom we've signed a contact and put down a deposit, has an expected start date. In other words, we don't have a lot of time to rework an entirely new plan. We were considering moving a doorway and turning our little kitchen into a galley, but that would put the fridge and wall ovens next to each other, with a 3" filler, and may or may not negate the fridge warranty - and I'm not sure I like it workspace wise.

Help - is 36" enough room the way it's drawn? Thanks!

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From reading previous threads, it seems that many people stand to the side of their wall ovens when they're opened, even when they have the space to stand in front of them, having your peninsula close by in that arrangement would actually be a benefit, as it gives you a good landing space to put things coming in and out of the oven, and if you're standing to the side it's a small pivot motion to put it there.

Hopefully more people who actually have wall ovens will weigh in. I stand in front of my free-standing oven to pull things out, but I think it's different when it's also down low as it would be difficult to do anything sideways -- however that said, I only have 37" between the oven and the island in front of it, and the door to the oven sticks out 22" when fully open, leaving only a 15" gap to stand in (but then it's my shins not other higher parts that might be more cramped in the space)....

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I don't think 36" is enough space. Sorry, but if that were my kitchen, I'd rework for a wider aisle.

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Kris ma, thank you so much, you are really reassuring me that this will work. I do stand to the side of my wall ovens now, and not at the end of the door leaning over it. I was at a friend's house last night, who has a very small kitchen. I actually measured the distance from her fridge to island, and it was 29" - door just opens. But it works for the needs of her family. It was a close fit between her island and oven, as well. I think in small spaces, we have to find what works for us, which may not be ideal according to experts but could still work. Thanks for pointing out a positive with the peninsula.

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I don't understand why putting the oven and fridge next to each other would negate the warranty. Did someone tell you that or did you see it outlined in a fridge warranty?

I have had my ovens replaced an amazing 4 times. 36" would be tight to pull out an oven to replace or repair, besides the possible tightness to use it. Will you have 36" completely clear (taking counter overhangs, appliance fronts, pulls, etc into account), or is that between cabinet boxes, so you might have only 33" or so in real space?

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is it also a walkway? handles on things like ovens can be an issue if a certain anatomical area can easily "bump"...depending on where the oven sits.....do you have the oven picked out-maybe there is a difference with regards to handles. I have a peninsula and it has 2 dimensions because there is a back side-we have 36 and then a change to 39 inches -both at the walk thru area where there is a cabinet across from the end...I think the 39 is better, but you'll be okay with 36-when they template the counter they can keep it pretty flush with the end of peninsula[just read in fact that's a newer softer modern look for counters]-try to scrape an inch or 2 extra-it might make a bit of difference that you will appreciate.

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