Bosch double wall oven - shuts off when door opens?

aimskitchenNovember 16, 2012

I posted this on the appliance forum, but am posting it here as well, since several on this board chimed in about their Bosch ovens. I'm down to two double wall oven choices: The GE Cafe or the Bosch 300 series. I thought I was set to go with the Bosch, but read this morning that if you open the door to check something, the oven stops working, and you have to push start again. I can see this being a disaster in my house, if it's true, as we have multiple cooks here who like to get involved - and I don't think I want to have to restart the oven each time I check things or stir my roasting vegetables.

Can anyone speak to whether this is true? If it is, I think I'll have to go with the Cafe. Input appreciated, I have to decide pronto!

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I've got a 500, but I imagine it's the same: the convection fan stops turning when you open the door, to avoid you being blasted with heat. Once you close the door it automatically comes back on.

They recommend you turn the light on to check your cooking, if having the fan go off for that time is a problem (say, with a souffle, but you wouldn't open the oven for that anyway!)

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Same as sara: The convection fan will turn off automatically but turn back on automatically when you close the door. No need to restart.

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Thanks, that's good to hear and was confirmed by the appliance store today. We're good to go!

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My Wolf oven does the same thing -- avoids blowing more heat out of the oven when the door is open. It's actually a good thing.

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Go snag that oven :-)

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You guys put my mind at rest, we're going with the 500. So excited for all this to finally happen after months of researching and planning - everything but the countertop is ordered, phew!

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