Help!!!! Inset cab question

martipatNovember 28, 2012

My kitchen remodel is underway. I have white painted inset cabinetry - which I love. I decided to go the concealed hinge route as I wanted a "clean" look. I have two tall glass front doors and have an upper row of glass cabinets going across the top (9 ft ceilings). The hinges are obviously noticeable in the glass front cabinets. I knew they would be but I guess I am just taken aback by how much I notice them. Or is it something that I will get used to once things actually get put into the cabinets? I'm considering having them taken down and getting exposed hinges (although I really don't want to).

Anyone else have glass front inset cabinets with concealed hinges? What do you think? Can you post pictures??

Help please!!!

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I do not see any of my hinges in the glass doors. Are your hinges overly large?

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I have the same problem and so far they have yet to find me a solution. It totally annoys me every time I look up at them. Why would I put glass in a cabinet door and have hinges that stick out like a sore thumb? Right now I am wishing I would have gone with exposed hinges.

Motherof3sons, I would love to see pics of your glass cabinets and hinges. I would be so excited if there was a hinge that is not as obtrusive as the ones I have now.

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Can you post a picture of your glass door cabinets with the hinges showing? I am glad you posted this as I have the same type of cabinet door in my plans. I did not think about seeing the hinges thru the glass!

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If your cabs are white, why don't you paint them?
Or see if the hinges come in white?

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You could have those replaced with Soss hinges which are routered into the edge of the doors and faceframes, and are invisible when the door is closed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Soss concealed hinges

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Hi everyone...sorry I did not follow up sooner as everything became really crazy (baby not sleeping, husband on crutches,etc). I will post pics soon but the kitchen is in and once the shelves were put in the hinges became less visible. I can still see them but they aren't as terrible as I thought they were going to be. I am going to look into the SOSs hinges mentioned here as a possible replacement in the future. I am breathing a bit better as I really wanted a clean look and wanted to avoid exposed hinges. Also, I started to ask questions to designers on to see if the concealed hinges showed through their glass doors ( you can never really tell from pics) and they all assured me that they were visible. I'll post some pics in the next couple days...

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