Where did you place soap dispenser in relation to faucet?

bluetea57November 21, 2012

Hi all, after more than 5 weeks of working and waiting we are at countertop installation , my question is how far away from your faucet did you install the soap dispenser? I have a Kraus UB24, double bowl (60/40)) and a single hole Delta high arc faucet. I want the soap dispenser to the left of the faucet on the main bowl, the faucet will be centered between the two bowls. From drawing it out I was thinking about 4 inches away..on the top of the curve...Any suggestions?? Thanks for all your help!

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I would put it as close to the sink rim as possible. I feel mine is set back too far and the soap dispenser spout does not reach into the sink much.

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Ah, excellent point, I'm going to go measure the spout right now!

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Debbi Branka

My faucet configuration goes this way, left to right, sprayer, faucet, water on/off control, soap dispenser. They are all about 2" away from each other I think (see picture). As the other poster mentioned, be sure it's close enough to the edge. My dispenser drips exactly down the inside edge of the sink. I wish it were a 1/2" closer or so.

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I put mine about 10" away from the faucet. (I placed the airgap symmetrically on the other side.)

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When we built this house 7 yrs ago, placement of soap dispenser was an item that was often emphasized on this forum. Many had made the mistake of setting theirs too far back.

Mine sits closer to the edge of the sink and the soap goes in the sink.

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I asked for mine to be closer to the sink than it is. Installers said that it was as close they could possibly get it. It sure looks like it will drip down the edge of the sink to me. The dispenser came with my Kohler faucet. I'm keeping an eye out for a brushed nickel replacement that has a longer spout. Anyone know of one?

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Here is my Delta leland faucet with coordinating (Delta I think) soap dispenser. If it reached a bit more into the sink, it would have been better.

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Had the granite installed today..really beautiful.With the sink cut out the soap dispenser was better placed at the left corner of the bowl. The spout on the dispenser is 3 inches long and it appears that it will extend out into the sinks, not dribble down the side. Thanks for all the good advice.

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I put mine in the left corner. The faucet is centered over the drain but the water lands in front of the drain(planned)

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