Plugmold - size, angles, capacity questions

lalitharNovember 26, 2012

I specified plugmold for underbinet installation but have some questions to clarify before I finalize details with my electrician. Can someone tell me the actual dimensions of a hard wired plugmold? I am concerned that the space under my cabinet is not enough to actually hide it. I looked up the Legrand site and could not find the actual dimensions. Some of the older threads from 2009 mention other manufacturers - is there a preferred brand/model to consider? Does an angled installation make it more visible?

Also should I be worried about the capacity of the plugmold? If it is 15amps, am I risking it by wanted to use the blender and the coffee grinder at the same time? Any advice here?

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I have a 36'' long one sitting right here so I will try to help with dimensions. The front of it where the plugs are located is 1 3/16'' wide. The depth is harder to tell because it's still in the package and the back and front are separated but it is approximately 7/8'' thick. Hopefully someone with it already installed can help you with the capacity question. Mine is going on the island so I doubt I would use two things at once. BTW the one I measured is V20GB306+.

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Here is a website showing the dimensions. I am not sure what brand we used in our kitchen. We mounted ours on an angle to make it easier to plug items into the outlets.

Talk to your electrician on the capacity.

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Thanks a2gemini and Corgimum.. Is there a minimum size for the under cabinet recess to keep this invisible.. Especially at an angle?

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I put some edge trim at the base if the cabinet. It is not visible except possibly the one bridge we needed due to a cold air return.
I posted pictures recently I can post again this evening from my computer.
Visibility may vary depending on cabinet construction. What does your cabinet underside look like SIL is totally flat without a lip. Ours has a lip plus the trim.
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Here are some pictures - the PM is at the back and the LED in the front - we had to move the LED back due to the trim blocking the light.

Now you see it...

Now you don't

I think the angled PM hangs down about 1.5 inch and the little black box about 2.5 inches -

If you look very closely - you can see a bit of the one we had to bridge- I might try to change downstream - but needed an outlet to meet code...

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