Flush and extra wide window sill in front of sink

pinarNovember 22, 2007

I have seen this in thegoose's kitchen in the "4 inch granite backsplash AND tile?" thread and in Eileen3g's kitchen in the FKB. There is a window in front of the sink that is flush with the countertop and seems to stick out further than a regular window could.

Does anyone have these? How do you make this? It is not a garden window, but is it a special window?

Do I just make the frame stick out further than the side of the house outside (this is a possibility right now, since we are down to the studs at the moment)?

What kind of windows work best for this (I would prefer a wood window to match the rest of the windows , which are all painted non-white inside and out, but any suggestions welcome.

Does anybody have these? Did you have any problems with moisture under cabinets or anything else? Did you have problems with the counter installation? (Our counters will be soapstone, so extra seems are not that big of a deal, I hear).

Anything else I may have not thought about that is worth considering?

Thanks in advance!


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I wish I had a picture to post - they're coming soon! In our new home I had three casement windows installed in front of my soapstone sink. The windows go right down to the soapstone counter.

The windows were installed first and the SS fabricator came up to do measurements for the countertop after that was done. My stone extends beyond the faucet right up to the windows. You can't detect any seams.

It's been a while, but I do remember that the builder had to install a wooden cleat between the window frame and the edge of the sink before the stone was installed.

I love both the look and the ease of cleaning around the faucets. There's a considerable space between the farmhouse sink and the windows, so I have no problem with water splashing on them when washing things in the sink.

Hope this helps.

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pinar, I also posted this in the original thread, but no problem doing it again:

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I am looking forward to your pictures.
Thanks for the pictures. That's what we thought what was happening, but we are amateurs. It is lucky your roof was right up there, or perhaps you planned it that way. Now we have to figure out what to do on top of this window, which will be exposed to the elements.

Thanks again!

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The kitchen renovation is part of a MUCH larger job (the bumpout in the picture is all new, including everything to the left and above). Our architect clearly had this look all thought out, inside and out.

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Although I have a shelf in my window bump-out, the outside is like a little shed roof dormer that slopes down. We have a 2nd story wall above ours instead of the main roof. It's too dark to take photos, but I'll try to remember to do that for you this weekend.


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Thank you so much!
Does the shed roof stuff go up under your siding above the window or just on top of your bump out?


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