White glossy cabinets and white Caesarstone counter

wave9xNovember 18, 2012

I am in the final stages of my kitchen remodel. I have glossy white cabinets and a creamy grayish marble tile backsplash. I have decided to go with a white quartz countertop. I am struggling trying to decide between Caesarstone's Pure White and Blizzard. I think the Pure White is a better match for the cabinets, but my kitchen designer thinks the Blizzard will tie in with the backsplash better. I am not so sure about having a slightly off white counter with white cabinets though, it seems it may look a bit "off". Any thoughts on this?

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I wouldn't choose anything that didn't go really well with both the cabinets and the backsplash. Are you wedded to the marble backslash at this point? It could be that it's not the best look for the cabinets/counter you want. People sometimes go really awry here when they select everything in white or creamy "neutrals" that don't work well as a whole.

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It would help if you post images - it's more accurate, as I can only guess at your bs tile, and less work for those of us inclined to help you so it has the bonus of being more polite. If you don't know how to post images, you can read the sticky post at the top of the forum.

I'd go for the pure white for sure, and change your bs tile if necessary.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I've always thought...and it worked well for me...to choose the counter first...back splash is always last....

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EAM44, thanks for the advice, this is my first post here. The images you posted are pretty spot on as to the choice I have. That is very close to the tile I am using. At this point I think I may go against my designer's advice and go with Pure White.

I was told to pick the counter first and had originally gone for a gray, but then had a very hard time deciding on a backsplash. When I saw the tile I really liked it and went for it. Here is a pic of the look I am going for (ironically this kichen uses Blizzard but it is hard to see the counter color).

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I have glossy white cabinets (uppers) and was facing the choice between Pure White and Blizzard. For some reason Blizzard look gray and dirty against the white cabinets. I saw both on display at my local Ikea and Blizzard didn't look nearly as gray there, so a lot probably has to do with the light. I ended up choosing Pure White and have a painted backsplash that's pretty much the same white as the counters (BM Decorator's White). I like the Pure White but am slightly disappointed that the seam is so visible. From Kitchen

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I am doing glossy white cabs and white quartz and I ordered a bunch of white quartz samples from all different companies. There are so many choices and many ship cheap samples. I ended up liking a white from Okite but I am going a different direction with my backsplash and wanted the warmest pure white I could find. The Caesarstone whites were my least favorite. Does it have to be Caesartstone? Have you looked at the Silestone and Cambria whites?

Absolutely gorgeous inspiration photo, it is going right in my kitchen file :) love the glossy white cabs, white counter and rustic/more textured elements. I am not doing upper cabs. (For me glossy white UPPER cabs cross the line into suddenly too shiny/modern/sleek for me somehow, but that is just me:) I am doing a slightly rustic backsplash and wooden shelves/accents.

I can't wait to see your finished kitchen!! Let me know if you want me to dig out my other white quartz samples for more info.

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I went back and forth with Caesarstone Blizzard vs. Pure White and chose Pure White on my counters in my bath. I used BM White Dove on my cabs and have a Calacatta marble backsplash.

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Thanks for the helpful responses. Annkathryn, your kitchen is beautiful. I really like the modern shapes with traditional materials (wood, marble), just what I am going for. Do you know if it is typical for white counters to have very visible seams?

Shannonaz, I am not tied to Caesarstone but I can get a fairly good deal on it, and they have a good reputation AFAIK. Also, their Pure White seemed to match my cabinet color the best that I have seen so far, though it is hard to judge with just a sample. I'm getting Belmont 1900 white acrylic cabinets. I also looked at Cambria and Pental. Cambria will cost me more, and Pental's white is almost too bright, bordering on bluish.

Pipdog, yet another beautiful room, so bright and clean. I am going with a grayish marble in one of my bathrooms (carrara). Perhaps it is the photo, but compared to the sink, I do notice that the counter appears ever-so-slightly darker than the cabinets, with a touch of a warm tone. Why did you eventually go for the Pure White over Blizzard?

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wave9x I don't know if the seam shows up more in white quartz than in other colors, maybe more obvious in solid colors rather than ones with some variation.

My seam isn't terrible, I was just hoping for something less visible. I had Corian in a kitchen years ago where the seams were completely invisible.

The Caesarstone fabricator didn't have a problem doing the seam away from the sink - my last kitchen had a (bad) seam at the sink and I wasn't happy looking at it every day.

Hard to get a picture of it, but here's one. From Kitchen

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Thanks for the responses. I decided to go with Blizzard. The Pure White was a closer match to the white cabinets than Blizzard, but neither matched perfectly. The Pure White has a little bit of yellow in it vs my cabinets, and I didn't care for that so much. The Blizzard is a bit more gray and should tie in with the backsplash well. I saw an all-white kitchen that used Pure White and looked amazing, but the cabinets were color-matched to the counter. Sadly I can't do that. Anyway, I will post pics when it is done in a few weeks!

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I can't wait to see your finished pics! I bet it will be beautiful!

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I would go for a soft gray/beige quartz counter. It will tie in the backsplash and it won't look off with the cabinets. Whites are tricky to match and that solution avoids the problem. The BS has warm creamy tones and you do need something to tie it to the counter which a stark white counter won't do.

If you can post some photos of the kitchen I will show you using Photoshop how each would look.

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I tried various gray and beige counters and just didn't like the look. I think the Blizzard will work, but I will know soon enough! They are going in this week.

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