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wkfldNovember 27, 2012

NEED to re model kitchan and am terrified. Must find superb kitchen designer who cooks and bakes!!! I live in Wakefield ma. Please help!!

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Terrified is pretty strong. Relax, deep breath, cup o tea :) someone on here will have a suggestion.
Your needs shouuld make it a little easier. Call around and ask for a KD that cooks and bakes. That will quickly narrow the field by more than half. Then go see them, see who you would want to sit with over coffee. Then look at their work, and ask how they think about design and budget. Then ask about your space. Lastly, ask about brands.
Someone will click.

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How do I find a designer. Who do I call. Want to shy away from calling kitchen design shops b/c I feel they may just try to sell their own goods.

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Actually, I don't think having a KD that cooks and bakes is a must have. I hired a KD that openly stated that she did not cook. Her husband did all the cooking.

I was worried at first but she was exceptionally good at her job and I came to realize that in her case her lack of cooking skills was a bonus. She came with no preconceived notions of of how I SHOULD be cooking. She only cared about how I DID cook. She had an impressive ability to remember even the most casual references I had made and incorporated them into the plan. In our case she had a very small, weird kitchen to work with and the results exceeded our wildest expectations.

I found mine through the nkba site. There were only two certified planners in my area and I knew the other on a personal level and did not want to enter into a business relationship with him so she was the only one we interviewed. I knew after the initial meeting and she took "preliminary" measurements down to an 1/8th of an inch that she was going to be a good fit for us. Good luck with your search!

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Start by taking a deep breath and posting your current layout here, along with your ideas. Get an idea of what is possible, and learn about how to approach the process before ever contacting provessional help. You, and your designer both, will be happier and more successful with the project if you approach it from a base of knowledge on your part. Your terror level will go way down too! :)

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I also have a fabulous designer. I've no idea if she cooks, I doubt she has the time she is so busy. I found her in a local magazine where her work was profiled. She has also won a number of awards and I kept noticing her name. When you narrow the field, look at their websites to see the kind of work they do.

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