I put copyright on Photobucket image!

rhome410November 25, 2008

You CAN edit your images in Photobucket to add text...

See? :-D It can be sized to your liking and whatever color and font.

I don't think I can do whole batches at a time, but I haven't looked into it too far. But now that my albums are 'private', the pictures don't link back to the rest of the photos, so I can just edit as I want to post one. Later for the FKB, or when I get around to it, I'll just make a new album set to 'public' with all the images edited properly.

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Great rhome!

As an aside, I love your cabinets! Can you tell me more about them, manufacturer, etc?

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I don't see the copyright!

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Jessie21, that's something I was afraid of. I see it all the time now, but the first couple times after adding it, it wasn't showing. Weird. I'd like to know who sees it and who doesn't and if we can figure out why.

Jenswrens, thanks for the compliments on the cabinets. The manufacturer is us! ;-) I drew up the plans, DH built the boxes, we know a shop to order unfinished doors and drawer fronts (DH can do them and does an odd one here and there if we need it, but ordering them from this shop we trust is more efficient), and DH and I painted them.

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rhome410 ~ you are brilliant!
It never occurred to me that Photobucket now supports image editing. The best part is that you can add the copyright after your photos are uploaded so your originals are intact.

I checked the photobucket forum and found there's a tutorial for making a transparent watermark.... so you can splash it across your photos to prevent others from cropping it off.

The only drawback is that they don't seem to support the actual copyright symbol ©. I couldn't get their text editor to accept the symbol. :-(

But this is a super-easy way to watermark those photos that are already uploaded onto Photobucket.
btw... I think that using white text makes a better transparent watermark.

Bravo rhome410!

Here is a link that might be useful: Add a transparent watermark to your images using Photobucket

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Here's an old photo of my kitchen. I just added the copyright text in white and rotated it to cover the photo.

Pretty cool!

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I also love your cabinets. Is there any trick to painting them? Did you spray them or use brush---also what type of paint did you use?

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I didn't find the way to make it transparent. The above was my first try, and at a late hour. After that, I tried different fonts in different colors to try to make it less obnoxious, and tried to put it high enough that the photo wouldn't be much if someone cropped it. But transparent and over more of the photo will be much better. Thanks for investigating further, Starpooh!

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Did you try both methods of getting the © into photobucket?

Hold down Ctrl and Alt at the same time and press Ctrl+Alt+C


Hold down Alt and type 0169 on the number pad (right hand side of your keyboard) Alt+0169

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Bumping this one, too !!

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