Granite Countertop 2nd Re-Install - Dark Spots (Help!)

CPOCMANNovember 19, 2012

I need your assistance regarding our new granite countertop install. This is the 3rd attempt by the company subcontracted by HD to do the install.

We are waiting to list our townhouse to sell but this granite countertop install has been delaying us from doing so - a total of about a 3 week delay as of the 19th of November.

They have tried to install our granite. Previous attempts had poor workmanship and problems with the granite. Luckily, the subcontractor recognized the problem and has been very helpful in trying to find a solution.

This granite was installed on Friday, the 16th. Black spots have appeared all over the granite - see the attached picture. Anyone have any idea of what this is or if this will require a 4th install and another new piece of granite?

Appreciate anyone who may know what this is, what is causing it or if it will go away? I appreciate everyone's help as this has been the most stressful part of owning a home - trying to sell it when you have to move across the country.

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Did they glue it down to the cabinets, and could this be the glue seeping up from the bottom?

It's possible that a sealer would darken it all uniformly if this doesn't evaporate out in a day or two.

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Read up on kellienoelle's green bloom on her new countertops.

Here is a link that might be useful: Green bloom

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Oh dear, that looks like a disaster. I would insist on a full refund and start over with a completely different company that has nothing to do with HD. Would be interested to hear though what the cause of that is. Good luck, this is horrible for you.

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Is it 2cm Kashmir White granite sitting on a plywood base? If that's the case then I do think it's the glue that is seeping up into the stone because Kashmir White is one of the more porous granites.

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I got kashmire bianco and this is 2 days after install. I was told it was caused by the rain/ humidity and would go away on its own. ???

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Get a refund and have a company who specializes in doing coutertops. Look for a kitchen remodeling company in your area.

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If you paid by credit card, you may have some recourse there. File a complaint with them. If the check hasn't cleared the bank, you could put a stop on it. Take pictures and go camp on HD's doorstep working your way up the food chain till it's fixed.

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