Moving the range but reusing the hood ducting

Mayo510November 3, 2012

Our plans include moving our range about 6 feet. We're eliminating the wall it's on and moving it to a side wall. Neither wall is exterior; as far as we know the vent from the current hood goes through the roof of our single story house.

We're early in the process, no actual Plans with a capital P yet. Had one contractor come out to give us a ballpark on some things, and on the hood/vent issue, he said he'd be able to use the same through-the-roof vent hole/connect to the same ducting as our existing range hood.

Reality check on this? What will we need to know about our current ducting before we can make a choice on a new hood or whether it's possible to reuse the ducting?

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ci_lantro far as we know the vent from the current hood goes through the roof of our single story house.

Take a quick peak into the attic and then you will know.

If your roof is trussed, the trusses could possibly complicate routing but should be doable.

What you need to know:

The diameter of the existing ducting. Ideally this should match the req'd duct size of a new hood. You can use adaptors to step up or step down in duct size but this will affect performance.

The total length of the ducting run from the attachment at ceiling level to the the point where the duct exits the roof.

The number of & degree of bends in the duct. Best situation is a straight duct directly to the exterior. Performance and noise issues increase with each bend in the duct as well as being related to the total length of the run.


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We did this and it wasn't a problem. The cabinet uninstallers (we donated the old ones) bent the ducting a little when they pulled out the over-range cabinet, so our electrician (who also does HVAC) replaced the ductwork, but that was trivial for him. We reused the roof hole. I could tell there was some decrease in the suction power of our vent hood (the same one) but it wasn't a huge difference. If you are getting a new hood you might want to up the CFM's a little, if you can. If your current duct isn't straight up but has a bend or two already, you might not see much difference.

As ci_lantro says, it'll be simpler for you if you choose a hood that can use the same size ducting that you already have. But if the existing ductwork will be undersized for what you need (i.e. if you are getting a high-powered gas range), then you can have it changed out -- though it really would be easier if you could keep the same size roof hole. :) (That is not unsurmountable either, just costs more.)

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Great information, thank you so much! We will be able to peek in the attic, but it's accessible only through a ladderless hatch in the ceiling of a bedroom closet - it'll be interesting when the electricians etc. have to work up there. But I recall it is pretty roomy as attic space goes; our house is a 1915 bungalow.

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