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hbrrbhNovember 4, 2013

Hi -- I keep reading that a custom cabinet maker can sometimes do cabinets more affordably than a semi custom cabinet line. Can anyone recommend a custom cabinet maker in Massachusetts (or could be New Hampshire, Rhode Island, etc. if they were willing to work with someone who lives in the Boston area). Is there anyone equivalent to the Amish cabinet makers I keep reading about in other parts of the country? Thanks so much for any suggestions.

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Hi hb,

I highly recommend Faneul Kitchen Cabinet in Hingham, MA. They recently completed a kitchen renovation for us and the workmanship is very high quality. They also made cabinets for my sister's kitchen and brother-in-law's kitchen (2 separate kitchens). They were also a pleasure to deal with at every step including installation. Their phone # is (781) 740-8844, we worked with Andrew Bargende who is one of the owners.
Best of luck, MJ

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I have used a small company in Roslindale Ma (Boston suburb) called Contractors Cabinet and Design, they sell a couple brands and also have a small shop in their building that makes their own "brand" to see the shop and your cabinets being made in-house. I worked with their senior designer Melinda Guglietta, her number is 617.290.3719, she was great to work with.

For the record I am a specialty contractor in the Boston area, and have no affiliation with the cabinet company but I have used them on several projects and was pleased with the work and service


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We used Country Craftsmen in Uxbridge and are very happy with the cherry cabinets they made for us 4 years ago. Billy and Patty are the owners and are wonderful to work with. Good luck with your kitchen!

Here is a link that might be useful: Country Craftsmen

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We worked with Taylor Made in Leominster, MA. Bob and Angie have been great and will make whatever you want. They also do the installation which is included in their price quote.
I do not think that anyone in these parts will be as cheap as the Amish we have heard about on this list. Still the Taylors have been half as much as some we talked to.

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Thanks so much for these great suggestions, I'll follow up. Also, for those of you who have worked with cabinetmakers before -- at what point in the process does one get a "ballpark" estimate of costs -- do they give ranges per linear foot?

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Not Amish, but you can also try Crown Point in NH ask for Tedd LeBlanc. Customer service is unparalleled, the cabinets are beautiful and a good value.

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It has been my experience that you can get a price range pretty quick if you have some basic info:

Plan (can be a rough sketch)
Cabinet box material, plywood, melamine etc..
Drawer material, dovetail boxes, SS drawer system etc..
Pantry solutions
Corner cab solutions
If you have glass doors, matched interiors etc..

Within a couple hours you should be able to get the price range

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