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CT_NewbieNovember 3, 2013

So my cabinets got installed and I was a little surprised that some of the drawers weren't paneled. I didn't notice it in the elevations (though it was drawn in). Hindsight, I do recall a vague conversation at the end of a long meeting where I think the KD said something about the drawers being flat. However, I had thought that those would be just the top wide drawers vs. the whole column of drawers that are on the left and right side of the sink wall. I had a brief email with the KD who said that some drawers were too small for the paneling. Not sure if it would have made a difference if I were getting the more expensive Rutt Classic line vs, Rutt Regency but I wouldn't have paid the extra just for all the drawers to get paneled anyway.

So now that I am panel vs. slab focused, the question is on the wall with the stove and the oven, should only the bottom file drawer be paneled? Not sure if it was meant to be like a paneled lower cabinet. Should I change it to be slab so that those columned drawers will all be slab like the opposite wall? That was my first reaction - that it had mistakenly been paneled. Or would making that drawer slab make the wall bland because there are no paneled lower cabinets there?

Do you think it better that I make the 2nd drawer paneled if possible? I do like the paneled look. Or will people wonder why those two are paneled whereas the sink wall drawers aren't? In one plan, this drawer had been paneled but in the final one, it wasn't. We changed the bottom drawer to a file drawer so maybe that ended up making the middle drawer too small to panel.

The two sets of 24" wide drawers under the cook top are paneled which makes sense because that is a focal point. If I can't change the 2nd drawer, do I keep or change the bottom drawer?

Would like some opinions and will certainly talk to the KD too. In my quick conversation with her, she said it would be minimal cost to change a drawer and that there was a size limitation on what could be paneled.

Thank you!

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Here's the section I am thinking of changing. (The first photo showed one of the columns of slab drawers). I do think it looks nice without the paneling too.

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I think it would look better if either the middle drawer was paneled, or the bottom drawer was slab. From here, it looks like the middle drawer might just be big enough for panels. Depending on where you place your pulls, the difference between bottom and middle could be even more apparent.

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Those are beautiful cabinets! If this was my kitchen I think I would have the drawer changed to slab front to be more cohesive. I like the column in the first photo! Plus its one less panel to have to clean.

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Thank you both! Annkh, the KD said in an email today that the middle was too small to be paneled. I will check with her in person because I measured the height and it was as high as another paneled one. However, the other paneled drawer was wider (but if it's the same width as the bottom, it shouldn't be an issue>)

Kaiju, thank you. I really do like my cabinets too. I didn't think that the paneled would be harder to clean than the slab but I you have a point.

Will see where we net out. I have to stop being a perfectionish and just enjoy them but it's almost like since I'm seeing how nice everything is turning out, I want to put more work into making it perfect. And obviously, renos in general are stressful.

Thank you again for your replies.

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One or the other, either the middle drawer should be paneled, or the bottom drawer needs to be slab, which I would choose in your case, since all the other drawers are slab

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I would go all slab. I also have white shaker style with all slab drawers. I didn't think I'd like the look, but now I love it. While it's a very modern look in some kitchens (not my look), it also works well in others. It's especially nice with your inset style. I do not care for smallish 5-piece drawers. When it's all slab, it looks quite intentional.

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Thanks for all the help! The KD said they could do the middle in panel if I wanted as a special request. So, I have a choice - all slab or two paneled! :) and it is helpful to know it is unanimous that I should change one of the drawers.

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