18" dishwasher worth it in small kitchen?

scoutyyyNovember 6, 2012

I have a small 2 bedroom rental in Napa. Kitchen is cozy small, open shelves above, few cabinets below. We have mostly couples who rent for the weekend, occassionally

we get 4 people. There is no dishwasher. There is a deep 30" sink, and bamboo dish rack and a good amount of counter space. 2 out of every 10 renters say it would be nice to have a dishwasher. Most people seem to eat out, but occasionally they whip up a meal.

If I install a 18" dishwasher, I lose VERY precious cabinet space as there are no uppers for pots/pans, etc.

Is it worth it? Can it hold more than a few dishes to make it worthwhile or should I just skip it?

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I don't think a dishwasher is an absolute necessity in a rental, but it is a nice feature. What is stored in those cabinets? An 18" dishwasher can hold quite a few dishes. I have the Bosch and it works fine. I have a small galley style kitchen. Perhaps a dishwasher drawer or a portable model?

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For this type of rental (weekend - short term) I don't think it's required but you may want to compare it to other similar rentals in your area. I just bought an 18" DW for one of our rentals - it's expensive. I don't know the cost of a DW drawer but I think it would be a better choice in your situation if you don't have any room for pots with a 18" DW.

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I found a Haier on Craigslist for $100 (good reviews) and realized I could put it where I have a counter depth rolling butcher block table next to the stove. I'll take the butcher block top off table and put it on DW in a little built-in cabinet (DH is very handy). I guess it's better to have than not have...people really like their dishwashers!

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We rent in napa at least twice a year as it is driving distance from bay area. I think a dishwasher is a must have if your rental accommodates 6 people or more.. Then families have kids and may prefer to eat home home (eating out for all meals in napa can add up fast). Doing a round of dish washing by hand takes away from the precious vacation time. I would also suggest a single dish drawer instead of an 18 in as there are severe limitations to what can fit in the 18in. You cannot wash big pasta pots etc.

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My best advice is to actually see an 18" DW before you decide. We were leaning towards one due to our limited real estate in the kitchen, but actually got to see one this weekend. That 6" might be the biggest, baddest 6 inches of real estate in the world, not just the world of kitchens. I was amazed at how much smaller the unit was on the inside.

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I had an 18" DW in my condominium where I lived for 18 years. When we moved and it became a rental, granted, long-term, it was a huge selling item.

It held enough to make running it for 2 people an ever 3rd day or so.

When I crapped out -- after 18 years -- I replaced it for my tenants. It wasn't cheap, but it sure wasn't all that expensive. Lowe's. If it last 18 years, it pays for itself with great tenants.

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I just saw the Haier - super small on inside and wouldn't hold any plates over 9" and maybe only 3 plates at that size!

My rental only sleeps 4 max. so I don't really have to worry about large meals & lots of cooking...the kitchen was also
designed to look a bit "farmhouse" so maybe DW would ruin the charm. I guess I should look at a few more 18" DW, I think others are bigger inside.

*Due to drawer layout - I can't fit a Drawer-DW in there

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Well, for such a short term rental and not aimed at families, I would really hesitate. Mostly because of concerns about the dishwasher breaking, flooding, etc.

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