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cat_momNovember 22, 2013

My contribution to Thanksgiving dinner; homemade pecan pies:

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Oh YUM !! Love pecan piiiiiiie ! Beautiful crusts and love the pretty design . I just toss them in willy-nilly :) c

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I can tell you spent time getting those pecans arranged just so. A bourbon whipped cream would top those off just dandy.

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Ooh nice job cat! Love the design.

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What a beautiful labor of love! It shows that you so carefully fluted the crusts, and laid in the pecans one at a time, after picking out the prettiest whole ones! Home-made at its very finest! YUMMM!

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Soooo....where's dinner and what's the address? Looks yummy! My presentations skills aren't nearly as pretty. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy!!

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they look fantastic!

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Those came out beautifully. A question: Because I am always curious about what can be done in advance, do those freeze? How will you preserve them until Thanksgiving?

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Those are little works of art! Perfectly fluted and beautifully arranged. I second kitchendetective's question: how will you keep these treasures until Thanksgiving?

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You have to keep those until Thanksgiving?? I thought they were just for practice and you could eat them today with coffee! That is what I would do ;)

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Oh yum!!!

I could never keep those until thanksgiving; they'd be down the hatch by the end of the weekend, tops. :)

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You guys are too kind! Thank you!

I've always picked out the nice whole pecans for arranging on the top of my pies. I just like the way it looks. :) Fluting the crust edges nicely is always hit or miss for me--an addition to my crust (see below) helped a great deal this time I think.

In answer to the question: yes, it freezes very well. I wrap the pie with layers of aluminum foil--using a piece of no-stick foil over the top of the pie, though it's not really necessary (as it is with chocolate cheesecake for ex. which also freezes well!). Then, I put the foil wrapped pie(s) in a large (2 gal) ziploc bag, and suck out as much air as I can (seal bag most of the way, stick a straw in the opening remaining, and suck out the air and then fully seal the bag). I like the pie served warm, so I try to underbake the crust so it doesn't end up too brown when it's popped in the oven for heating--I bake the pies with aluminum pie shields covering the crust and take them off when there's about 10 min baking time remaining. I take the pie out to defrost the night before I want to serve it (sometimes the day of) and just leave it on the counter fully wrapped.

Confession; while I am notoriously bad about overindulging in cookies and stuff when they come out of the oven, once they end up in the freezer, I can pretty much resist them! Also, after all these years of making pecan pies, I don't eat much of them. They're a little too sweet, even for me, and I like sweet!

I tried something new for the crust this time. Usually, when I remember to (!), I add a tsp of apple cider vinegar to the crust--it's supposed to make it easier to work with, and further tenderize it (to that end, I also use 1/2 a cup of cake flour as per Julia Child's recipe). However, this time, I used vodka instead, from a Cook's Illustrated recipe I had printed out at some point. I might have added a drop more flour, but otherwise followed my usual crust recipe/technique, and just added the vodka (replaced some of the cold water with a few TBS of vodka; Absolut if anyone is wondering!).

The addition of the vodka made the crust extremely supple and super easy to work with--if the end result tastes good, and is nice and flaky and tender, I will be adding vodka to the crust from now on!

Speaking of alcohol (!), I like the idea of bourbon (rather than plain ol') whipped cream!!! I had made bourbon whipped cream to go with that summer berry pavlova this past summer and it was sooooo good! Thanks for the idea LoPay!!!!!!!!

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I've used that Cook's Illustrated recipe for crust several times, and while I'm not the world's best baker, I'm pretty good when carefully following a recipe, but for some reason, that one is hit or miss with me! Sometimes it's come out perfectly and other times, I feel like it is way too wet or something. Anyway, your pies are beautiful. Enjoy!

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fourkids4us, if I recall, the recipe did mention something about it being a wet dough. I just followed my regular recipe, but swapped out some of the water for vodka (I used ~4 TBS vodka). Otherwise, ingredients, amounts, and technique, were all my usual "recipe."

Usually my dough is drier/more crumbly when I dump it out of the food processor bowl (I sprinkled a little more flour, One thing I always do after lining the pie pans with the dough, is to freeze the dough-lined pans (uncovered). I do not pre-bake my pie crusts. Freezing the dough, combined with covering the crust/edges with pie shields, means the crust is much less likely to over-brown, which always used to happen on pies with long baking times like pecan pie.

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Those pies look delicious! I just had some pecan pie on Wed. when we took dh out for his birthday. It was probably the best pie I've ever had.

Cannot wait until I can share a KAW photo. But first is the reveal which I hope is soon. We are so close!


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Yum, the pies look delicious!

fourkids4us - this might be a silly question, but when you mentioned this, "Sometimes it's come out perfectly and other times, I feel like it is way too wet or something", I couldn't help but wonder if you weigh out your ingredients on a kitchen scale or do you scoop into a measuring cup? There can be a pretty good amount of difference in the actual weight on a "airy" flour vs a more densely packed flour so actually weighing ingredients helps lessen the variation that can take place.

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