If you have an eye for cabinet hardware....please help

cindee56November 30, 2012

I am trying again to post this photo and would like any suggestions on new knobs or pulls that are more modern? I can change the knobs to pulls if someone has a pull idea or ever a suggestion for a different knob style

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those look appropriate,pleasant,durable,tasteful,good quality....saying that,if you want a change just look on Amerock for different options then.Maybe if you post a choice of 3 or 4 people can vote. It's hard to just "think of" something when the current is perfectly suitable.I've noticed:some new bronze finishes and antique silver is cropping up as a break from satin nickel.

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A bar pull that echoes your horizontal accent bs would be a nice touch, something like the options below either in oil-rubber bronze to echo the brown you have, or stainless to match your appliance pull. I would orient all of them horizontally.

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This hardware would give you a nice updated look with out being overly modern...

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I have the Mulholland hardware and love it!

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Love the Mulholland posted above.

Love this Schaub pull. Is it too shiny? You have a lot of choices with 5" centers.

This site allows you to search using 5" centers as a parameter. Hope it's ok to post it.

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Do you like the contrast of your current knobs/pulls? Or is that what bothers you? You need to figure out what it is about the current knobs and pulls it is that you DON'T like. Personally--I find the contrast jarring. But you may feel it offers punctuation to the room.

If it were me,I'd vote for bar pulls in a brushed stainless. But I wouldn't get the kind with the sticky-out bits at the ends (Bottom pull in EAM44's posting.) I would choose pulls like the first or second. The sticky-out bits catch on pockets and such. Very annoying, and can cause falls in people with compromised balance. (I've done a LOT of research on pulls/knobs since we plan/hope to age in-place.) Pulls are better for old hands. One needs much less dexterity to open a cabinet with a pull than a knob.

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Your knobs look a little tiny, so pick up a bigger one at a hardware store and see if that helps. I'm thinking if you changed to all pulls, it could look very cluttered in your small kitchen with lots of small doors and drawer fronts.

EAM's second bar pull in the ORB is really nice. I haven't seen that one before.

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