Looking for opinions on our kitchen design

emcsqNovember 28, 2012

We're planning a kitchen remodel with IKEA cabinetry, and we're soliciting input about our new design. We started with a L-shaped kitchen that lacked storage and counter-space. Our current design adds a peninsula for a U-shaped kitchen.

Below is a link for the design in the IKEA kitchen planner (you might need to install some software to view it). I'll try to upload an image of the plan tomorrow.

We hope to extend the peninsula to include a counter-height table for 5. The shape of the peninsula table is still uncertain, but it could be as deep as 36" and as wide as the peninsula. We hope to add a frame and two legs to support the overhang.

We'd love to hear from anyone with a similar setup or experience constructing one.

Here is a link that might be useful: IKEA planner design

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Adding the floor plan with a couple of comments. The grid in ikea-land isn't in feet - its something like 15-16". The window in the 6' wall looks like a slider? The 3 openings near the range and ref are doorways.

I personally had a nightmare experience with a small "U" design - so I'm not going to comment on that but stick mostly on microwave-in-face above a cut back cabinet. Most micros are deeper than I want them to be and they have those bloody doors that stick out when open. So - the corner of the micro sticks out further than the base cabinet and its door will stick out more across a tight corner at head height... Because the base is cut back, it leads little people or busy people to forget there is something waiting to hit them in the head at head height.

I would move the micro elsewhere (like 16/4 or on the counter under 13-14) and consolidate the cabinets on either side of the ref to one side, adding a ref panel. I'd have a bigger pull out pantry or shelf pantry or a combo of drawers and pullouts. I would also consider trading cabinets 16/4 for 17/5 for a bigger work area between sink and range.

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Thanks for your reply.

Regarding the layout of the room, you are right about the slider. The door on the left wall leads to a 1/2 bath and then the dining room. The door adjacent to that leads to the foyer. The door to the right of the fridge leads to the garage. Finally, wall "B" isn't really there... it's actually a step-down into the adjoining family room.

Here's a little better description of the cabinetry... #1 is a 15" W x 80" H pantry. #2 is the D/W. #3 is a 24" sink base, but I might be able to sneak in a 30" here. #4 (under #16) is actually a blind-corner w/ lazy susan. The others are normal base or wall cabinets.

Regarding the microwave... we originally had it above the range, but numerous people here and on IKEAfans implored us to use a separate range hood. The whole purpose of the remodel is to add counter-space and storage, so we didn't put the microwave in a base cabinet or on the counter. I do see your point about running into the microwave, though.

We are actually interested in hearing your experience with the small U-shaped kitchen. We considered going with an island before the peninsula, but it made the space very crowded if we wanted to keep the kitchen table. The peninsula allows us to push the table against its backside, which really improves the flow between the rooms. Alternatively (preferably), we will extend the peninsula to form a rounded or rectangular counter-height "kitchen table."

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Which side of the door opens (as drawn) - I'd guess the left? Do you use the slider a lot?

Small u experience is really not germane - it's my personal feelings about that kinda of design partly mixed with very painful life circumstances at that time. Both things combined to make me feel trapped inside that "U".

I could certainly touch the wall cabinets on both sides at the same time. I can't remember if I could touch the walls but it felt like I could. Some people like that kind of cozy, but I longed for a sledge hammer every day.

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couldn't you change the step near patio door,pull in some sq footage from family room up to kitchen grade? place a table in that zone by patio door with seating around it[round table?]....Try a U kitchen with range wall as middle of u-that's 5 feet or more between the arms of the u. Have only shallow depth storage on wall A [or clear it-that's a walkway...or maybe recess between studs some shallow storage ]....place fridge between letters C and D and push sink over to the corner. The use of the entire B dimension devoted to a step inhibits any plan being feasible-change some thing about the step to get more area up into kitchen .

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Right now, the slider handle is next to the peninsula. We plan to replace in the spring and change the direction.

I don't have a measurement right now, but the FR is also small. There isn't enough sq footage to steal. We thought about a round table with the current L shape. There is a banister that runs half the width of the room, but I want to remove banister. Without the banister, we are concerned about the possibilty of someone pushing their chair or falling off the step.

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remove the microwave from wall A.....spend the money on cab depth fridge and keep everything on wall A as shallow as possible-even going back into stud space if you can.Place microwave at end of peninsula run, under counter,facing Wall A. This would be like a bookcase nook, basically-but with depth for the unit.With the fridge and stuff protruding less,the peninsula run can also extend a bit more. With a longer peninsula, on the back side of it create an overhang with a good curve for seating-the overhang can even be lowered as in table seating.It would be better than any table with the right angles,legs,etc. If you are ok with the U a bit on the tight side,and can't borrow from any adjacent room,this can be workable,but I'd avoid a table-try to get seating around overhang from peninsula----eek out as much use from that curve as you can which gives more space for stools and their clearance.the table wouldn't appeal to me-just too cumbersome. A good overhang with stools can give you a lot of enjoyment.

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What about something like a booth seat in the family room that faced into the kitchen, semi round table and loose chairs on the kitchen side?

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