Does anyone make freestanding d/w drawers?

mtnrdredux_gwNovember 28, 2012

So far it seems the answer is "no", but I thought I'd check.

Now that I've become accustomed to them, I prefer d/w drawers. But in my new project I want to do a true unfitted kitchen so i need a freestanding version (or would prefer that).


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You could create a freestanding version with installing them in a piece that is free standing.

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lyfia has a good idea, mine are in cabinets that were made for them. I only have the single tall tubs, so there is a drawer below them for storage. You could put feet on it to make it look more individual too. And also put drawer fronts on it so it looks like a piece with drawers if you like.

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When you say freestanding, do you mean portable?

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I presume freestanding means with sides - like dishwashers in Europe - so that it can stand alone, without cabinetry being necessary.

I've always wondered why manufacturers don't offer that in the US.

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Fori is not pleased

They get really front heavy when open--I've had enough bad installations to know you need them anchored pretty well.

I would build a cabinet--maybe a single tall tub if it could handle the work load--with a base that was open with enough of a back on the rear to hide the plumbing, and anchor it to the wall.

Or--I like this! Get a huge old sink with the built in drainboards and/or countertop and room to put a DW under an end. Then the DW would be part of the sink cabinet.

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Hi Lyfia, and Bee, Yes, but I am trying to avoid that. I am happy, for this purpose, with a d/w that looks like one.

Hi Cat, No, but the Google Search thinks I mean that, too.

Sara, Yes, exactly, exactly. They don't because no one does unfitted kitchens here, IMHO.

Fori, Really good point. I have them in our primary house, and now that you say it, of course they are.

I cannot believe your second comment. I was hoping to do exactly that, but foiled on two fronts. One, the new (and most of the vintage) double drainboard sinks I've looked at are only about 20" deep and the drawers are about 22"... so unless i recess them, not workable. ANd, two, I want a skirt on the sink and that is too impractial!

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Fori is not pleased

A skirt saves you from paneling the fronts. The depth? Hm. How do you feel about custom stainless or copper? Too weird?

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Yes but, even though I am the queen of looks over function, even I think that having to push back a curtain to load the d/w is a recipe for trouble. And I guess I could try to build out the sink or recess the drawers, but I think its not a good idea. But GMTA!

Yes, I think stainless or copper would look cool. But I am trying to keep costs down, and i don't mind at all a d/w that looks like one, esp in the context of this kitchen. But we put d/w drawers in our primary home, and, after an adjustment period, I much prefer them. So if I could have just a white or stainless box, that'd be great. Looks like i have to go w a tradl d/w.

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I guess I didn't mean to cover it up or anything. Just use a cabinet made for it, but make a freestanding piece out of it with feet and a real back. No matter what i think you need to anchor a dw somehow.

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Actually, and this kind of surprised me because I always think of d/w as sliding into a cabinet slot, there are "freestanding" d/w that need no additional support or anchoring. Like a freestanding mini fridge, if you will. Finished top and sides.

They just don't seem to do that in drawers (in this country)

Here is a link that might be useful: this is freestanding

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I wouldn't let go of the vintage-look sink idea. Here's why:

First, in most of New England you can't run plumbing on an exterior wall. So that new Clarion sink requires a false wall in front of the real wall to hold pipes anyway. Put two tall tubs on either side, and now you automatically have a place to recess them.

Second, you can now cover the middle of the sink area with a real skirt, but along the tall tubs, do something like this. Just plan it out so all the fabric runs together into one long skirt.

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