Tall pull out pantry

olivertwistkitchenNovember 8, 2012

Trying to decide on what type of pantry next to the fridge: tall pull out vs a tall shallow cabinet that opens from the side. I know I may lose a little storage space with the pull-out due to the amount of space required for the hardware, but what else should I consider? I have heard that sometimes the pull outs get too heavy to open when full. Will my kids be able to open it? Anyone regret installing a tall pull-out pantry?


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We put one in as a change during the reno.
I also added a pocket door to our walk in pantry.
I was tired of walking into a door that eithe DH or myself left open.
I love our pull out pantry for our needs.
I store snacks, sports food, and tall bottles.
It is great for our needs but no kids in the picture.

It is pretty easy to open and close but I think small kids would not be able to reach the handle with the leverage needed. Teens- might be worried that they might be addressive(think hard yank). And everything goes flying.

I am sure a door cabinet would hold more.
Search gardenweb pull out pantry- there was a thread on this with pictures.

I took some new pictures and they are on my computer. I hope to sort out pictures in the next week or so.

Usual iPhone cryptic and text errors.

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I had one in a rental place once. It does hold a great deal of stuff, but it doesn't hold a candle to a true, walk-in pantry. Even with pull-outs, stuff gets lost in the back.

If you have the space available, go with a walk-in. The kicker is that a walk-in, with plain old good quality shelves, will also cost less.

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Lovestocookfor6 has a cabinet that opens from both the side and the front, I think it is very cool. It is in this link, scroll through it, it also contains other pantry pictures and deals with this same topic

Here is a link that might be useful: Lovetocookfor6's pantry

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I hear what everyone's saying about a walk-in pantry, but I'm just trying to figure out where to store food *in* the kitchen, so it's got to be some sort of cabinet/pull-out/roll-out/drawer. It's a small galley kitchen, so can't put a walk-in there.

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localeater: Yep, that was my old post! I thought about just resurrecting it, but my question is slightly different this time, just trying to actually DECIDE between the two options (pull out vs cabinet). So I wanted to hear the pros/cons of both. Thanks!!

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I too wanted to put in a pull out pantry as we only have a small galley space that we just started to remodel this week, however, it was vetoed by any kd that I spoke with. I would mention it and get the "side eye" and after a few of those my DH put that idea to rest and I never revisited it. I loved the look, the idea, and the pure function of it. However, I was told (more than a few times) that it was heavy, hard on the hardware and wouldn't last as long as the alternative. Also, was told that the majority of people really like the pull out shelving. So this is my story...we have kids too and were concerned with excessive yanking and mess. Good luck with your decision.

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My vote is 100% for opening to the side. Less expensive, more useable storage, anyone can operate.

Another thing about a pullout ... I do not think (not sure) the shelves are adjustable. In a side opening pantry, you could add more shelves so to minimize the wasted "air" space between the shelves. When I see pics of pullouts, all I see is the wasted unused space. Pullouts are useful when you are putting it between two things that cannot be moved. Lovetocook is a good example ... Her pullout is between the fridge and another cabinet (that opens to the side). Some people use them between a fridge & a wall.

My vote is for resurrecting old threads. But I am an old timer here from when the number of threads was at a premium. It sure was easier to search then !! Instead of a bazillion results returned when you try to do a search.

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We have a tall 15" wide Ikea pullout and it is just great. This was the only way to get pantry space in our small kitchen. It is amazing how much you can fit in it. (The bottom shelf can hold 9 cereal boxes.) My 4-year-old has no trouble at all opening it. The door is attached only to the top and bottom drawers and the others are adjustable. Everything is on soft-close full-extension slides, very little side space is lost to the hardware (frameless cabinet) and the slip-resistant shelf liners keep things from sliding around when you pull out the shelves. It's one of my favorite things in the new kitchen.

I've posted the photos before but here they are again.

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I have both! I have two tall pullouts (each 12" wide) on one side of the fridge, and a very shallow (9" deep) pantry that opens from the side on the other side of the fridge. I love them both. How much width/depth do you have to play with?

If pressed, I would choose the side-opening one, as long as it is not too deep, say, 15" max.

As for strength of the pullouts, I used ones from Haefele. They are built like a tank.

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Here is our pull out pantry

Here it is from the other side - note the finished panels and then refer to jstehl to see hers.

Check out jstehl (from thread above). I had to do a double take on it - as looks almost the same but is side opening.

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Here is mine-I was trying to use every bit of space in a galley kitchen and also accomodate an integrated refrigerator that had to be near the wall, thus requiring a bit of 'swing' space adjacent to the door. I love it. Use it now for cleaning supplies. It wasn't cheap but it's handy and I accomplished both the needed storage and a visually smooth way to ensure clearance for the refrigerator door.

Close-up view, shut:

Open (the area on left now has a rack for brooms/aprons/dustpans):

View of entire run:

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