Finally I have counter tops

SapphireMoonNovember 21, 2012

Haven't posted in a while with updates. It seems like the workers are dragging there feet. Going into the 5th week. They worked a half a day all last week. My kitchen won't be finished by Thanksgiving. But I did get my counter tops installed today.

Hubby played a mean trick on me. I was at work when he called and asked me what color my counter tops are suppose to be. I explained as best I could what color they are. He then says, "They're not white? Cause they brought white." I yelled, "what? You are kidding me,right?" Having a panic attack, I start crying my eyes out at work and told him to tell them "Just put them in! I'm so tired of this" He said "calm down and come tell them if they need to get the right ones" When I got home, the counter tops are my Cambria Canterbury! The wall color is Barley Harvest.

There is one corner I'm not happy with at all... Hubby says he's not going to have them take it out and put a new piece in. I don't know what to do.

Close up... The paint color makes it look like different colors in this picture.

This is the bad corner

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I think they look great! Why don't you like the corner?

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Your kitchen is beautiful. It would take me a while to forgive my DH for that tho LOL!

Can I ask what color is the paint? Is it sort of a pumkin? It looks very pretty on my monitor but sometimes doesn't read true. I'm looking for something similar to that for my dining room.

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Can't see the problem with the corner. The granite and paint look great. Is your hubby sleeping alone for a while?

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Can you take some different pictures because.....


I can't find the area that is considered not pretty.
But, I trust that you do not like it. I just want to see
what it is. And maybe after a day or too you will see
it really is pretty. I know for me, my concept is
always different than reality. And it takes me a little
while to get over my fantasy and accept what is in front
of me. Give your self a little time to come to terms
with what you like or don't like.

Hoping that it all becomes the dream you want it to be.

who truly understands when things do not work out the way
I planned. Trust me, I do understand.

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Your countertops look perfect with you new cabinets. Very warm and inviting. What exactly is the problem with the corner. In the photo it looks like the one counte is a bit lighter than the counter running the other direction but I assumed that was the because of the camera or lighting. If it is the same color as the other counter then whatever you see wrong with it is not real obvious in the photo.

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They look beautiful! Just gorgeous! Love the warm rich look in your kitchen. Amazing how the paint color makes the counter look even richer. Looking forward to seeing the finished results.

I agree with the others that I'm not seeing the problem with the corner. It looks good to me.

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On my computer, your problem corner looks to be a lighter color. Is that it?

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I neglected to say that your kitchen is gorgeous. I really like the look with that counter and your cabinets.

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Loving your kitchen! I couldn't see the problem on my iPhone.
Have you recovered from your DH prank!

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looks great to me. I could only dream of granite counter tops. I just got bronze eclipse Wilson Art HD and they look nice in my kitchen. granite would not fit in with the homes and prices in my area, it would be an over improvement.

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Oooh that looks fabulous. And I love the stain on your cabinets as well, your kitchen is going to be amazing, What is wrong with the corner? I don't see it on my screen,

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Thanks everyone :)
The problem is not exactly in the corner. There is a seam in the L. One side of the seam is lighter than the other. I noticed it the minute I walked in there. It came from 2 different slabs of Quartz.
The Quartz is Cambria Canterbury. It was the first thing I picked out for the kitchen.

The paint color is BM Barley Harvest. It is funny how it changes color a bit with the light and different times of the day. I love it. How I picked my paint color... picture this... 4 graphic designers standing around a computer monitor, holding up a sample of the counter top and cabinets, picking colors. When we found this one, all of us said "that's it!" at the same time. lol

They put my Faucet in today. So I have got running water in there now!

Thanks again ya'll

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