Country Chic Kitchen help

alexandreakayNovember 25, 2012

I am updating my kitchen a little bit and decided to go with a country chic design. I am building the table that I attached (with stain and everything, adding a few accents but pretty much this table) and started priming my hutch already.

My hutch is medium size with two spots for the glass on top (cabinet style), 2 drawers and 2 cabinet doors.I don't know what to do with it now. I was thinking of going white all over, stain thin pieces of wood and attaching it to the hutches' buffet part and doing yellow as the back splash with chicken wire as the glass cabinets on top. Is that too much??

Or do white all over then having another color on top to stain to look "old" with chicken wire. I really regret priming it now because the stain would have been just fine for that table. *sigh*

Another thing that is throwing me off is that my kitchen is very dark with white tiles and since I am renting, no renovations.

I seriously cannot make up my mind and I want to get started on this asap. Any pointers? I suck at explaining so hopefully I didn't sound like a nutcase ;)

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Ok, ok!!! I'll do anyting the dog wants!! Stop pleading with those eyebrows!

Aside from the dog, could you post a picture of the hutch? It sounds cute. I would have to see it to make a recommendation, though. Unless the dog's name is hutch, then the colors are good, but no chicken wire......


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I'd say go for the chicken wire! A cousin did that in her brand new country home, chicken wire inserts in the cabinets, and it is darling. Google it, there are plenty of photos.

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Since you said 'Country Chic' that kinda' rules out chicken wire, in my mind. Stick with the glass. Chicken wire will let dust get on stuff in the cabinet.

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