Need new garbage disposal -- recommendations?

janana2November 18, 2010

We need to replace our garbage disposal. We use it multiple times daily. *Any recommendations as to brand and/or model?* I'd like to stick to something I can get at HD or Lowe's.

Secondary GD question... The old one made the whole sink shake when it ran. I don't know if the GD was too powerful, not powerful enough, or if the gauge of the stainless steel sink is too flimsy. Or just an installation problem. The GD is an ISE Badger 5, 1/2 HP. I'd also appreciate comments on this.


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My contractor recommended the Insinkerator Evolution Compact at Home Depot ($169). He said it's very quiet. It's not installed yet, but the reviews at the HD website were very positive.

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The Badger line of GDs is the cheapest line made by InSinErator and is prone to problems. It's the "builder-grade" GD and is not generally recommended. (It's the Badgers that give GDs a bad name b/c of their issues.)

However, if you move up to one of InSinkErator's Evolution GDs, then you will be much, much happier! They are far superior to the Badgers. Yes, the Evolution GDs are available at HD or Lowes.

Look for: At least 3/4hp, 1hp is even better
At least some sound dampening
If on a septic system, get the Evolution Septic Assist that has a "bio-charge" that helps break down waste in the septic system

Bottom line: Avoid the Badger!

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"Look for:

# At least 3/4hp, 1hp is even better
# Anti-vibration
# At least some sound dampening "

And a stainless steel grinding chamber.

The only place I even consider a badger is in a rental house (and them they need replacing about every 2-3 years from abuse).

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Definitely the Evolution Series by Insinkerator! I have the 1HP model and it's amazing! You can put rib bones down it! Celery too! No problems....very quiet. Check out this youtube video about them!


Here is a link that might be useful: Insinkerator Evolution!!!!!!!

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We bought a Sears GD and I was told that it is a re-badged Insinkerator. It has been super reliable and relatively quiet. The cost was much less than the equivalent Insinkerator because it was so frequently a loss leader item in Sears store ads.

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We've always had a half horse power disposal, never realizing the difference because, well, I didn't know how to research back then.

We had similar problems back when we had a SS sink....but our disposal literally rattled the sink wall, not just the sink.
And loud.....if I was talking to someone standing next to me while I turned on disposal, I held my hand up, as in "Stop" so they could stop talking until I turned off the disposal otherwise I couldn't hear what they said.

With this unplanned kitchen remodel, I figured I might as well get a larger disposal (six adults) so started searching.
Boy, talk about sticker shock!!!
Never realized there was so much to learn about disposals!

I found many new disposals on Craigs List but after reviewing them here and other sites like Epinions, I decided against them.

Then one day I was looking for a small iron shelving unit and didn't click the right search buttons I guess, and a garbage disposal came up in a Yard Sale Listing.
I researched it and found a few negatives but not near as many as the other disposals I had reviewed.

Disposal was still in the box, wrapped in original plastic with warranty still good.

This disposal....actually the first time we ran it I thought it was was so quiet!
And boy, does it gobble up the quap!

I've cleaned it each week with a small chunk of a fresh lemon and so far, so good, no problems and performs wonderfully.

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Thanks, everybody! Lots of great info!

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Circus Peanut

I have the Insinkerator Evolution Cover Control and the Insinkerator Evolution Compact, and adore both of them. The smaller Compact gets most of our garbage, as things turned out, and handles it all flawlessly despite our old skinny pipes.

The 1hp Cover Control is amazingly quiet and powerful, and I really love the innovation of the cover and lack of need for a power switch. At first we wondered if it was broken, it operates so quietly. Thumbs way up!! Best garbage disposal I've ever seen or used.

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Waste King 1hp has lifetime warranty

Here is a link that might be useful: WK

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i've gotten mine at costco, so much cheaper than any other store. decent prices online, but check out a B&M store if you're close and/or a member.

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Amity...that's the one I have! When we first turned ours on, we thought it was amazingly quiet as well. LOVE this disposer and will sing its praises whenever I get the chance!!!!!

No disposer out there!!!

HD seems to have this as a loss leader....their price was lower than my cost at my kitchen dealership. Even though I hate giving them my money, I did. :-(

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We ended up getting the Insinkerator Evolution Compact (3/4 HP); DH installed it last night. It is definitely quieter than the Badger 5 by at least half, and the sink doesn't shake any more!

Thanks again, all.

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